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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 19-25)

Greetings! This is the final week of our Costa Rica Haven Retreat prayer calendar! We hope that you encounter Jesus in precious and needed ways for your own heart and soul as you spend time praying for those in Costa Rica.

Monday, April 19

Pray for the women as they return home to family, ministry, and the myriad of responsibilities that are waiting for them. Pray that they will be returning refreshed, encouraged, and filled with new energy and hope for the things they are involved in, both personally and professionally and in ministry. Ask that the things they learned, experienced, or were reminded of will settle deep within their spirits and the Lord will use those things in the days to come. Pray against a spirit of weariness, discouragement, and doubt over anything the Lord spoke during this retreat. Ask that each heart will be filled to overflowing and that true and sincere worship and praise will flow from their hearts, their mouths, and through their actions.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they debrief their time together, that there would be space for honesty, vulnerability, and grace. Pray for the women leading the debrief, that they would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and would be willing to change plans or step aside as He leads. Ask for grace and peace over each woman as she takes a breath and finds space to rest. Pray for continued protection over the women as they wrap things up and prepare to head home.

Tuesday, April 20

The Connection Crew begins their trip home today, pray for good weather as they travel, for smooth flights and transitions, and for rest for each woman on the journey home. Pray that they would continue to look to the Lord for rest as their minds begin transitioning back to the things they set aside for this Retreat. Ask for their hearts to be filled to fullness with the goodness of the Lord and the reminder that He is always at work and chose to use them for good and glory during their time in Costa Rica. Pray that they would see how He has made a way for them not only during this Retreat but also in the things that wait for them at home, that they would see His hand in and over the things that matter to their hearts and minds.

Pray for the hotel staff and guests in Costa Rica that were witnesses to the Retreat, that they would be encouraged in their walks with and pursuit of God; that curiosity for who the Lord is would remain after having seen Him in the women who were there. Pray that God would use people around them to point them towards Himself, to raise up disciples and followers who will walk with Him.

Pray for the family and friends of all the women who were at the Retreat; that as they will be excited to have their wife/mom/sister/daughter/friend back and will want to hear all about the things that happened, that there will be given space for each woman to share as she feels comfortable and at her own pace. Pray for holiness and protection to cover each woman as she shares her story and gives glory to God.

Wednesday, April 21

A: Pray for their first social business as it opens in the community they serve, that they would continue to trust God to provide what they need as they walk forward in faith. Pray for blessing and fruit to be visible to them, even as things may not go as planned, they would continue to choose to follow the Lord’s leading. Pray for space and time to connect with God and allow Him to show them His heart for them and for the ministry and people He has called them to. Ask that they would not get too caught up in the details of “things” and lose sight of the heart of the ministry and the people they are coming alongside of.

L: Pray for healthy friendships for her, for people she can connect with on a heart and spirit level, for genuine vulnerability and authenticity without fear of judgment or criticism. Pray that her friends will support and encourage her, and offer respite and space in which to breathe deeply of the Lord’s presence as He desires to give her rest from the stress’ of cultural and ministry fatigue. Pray that as she spends time with Jesus that it would be just to rest and allow Him to love her and speak truth to her.

A: Pray for God to continue working on their behalf as they wait to move from Costa Rica to Italy. Ask that there would be an increase of trust and faith and they would see how God is at work and continuing to use them in this long season of waiting and transition. Pray there would be movement and hope as they wait with anticipation for the good things to come; ask that they would see glimpses of the “how” and “why” in God’s timing in all things.

Thursday, April 22

C: Pray for continued trust, vision and clarity as they look ahead towards the rest of the year, while still being impacted by the effects of the pandemic on their self-supporting business. Ask that they would walk in joy and hope for what God has in store for them and that they would see His provision in beautiful and unexpected ways. Pray that they would continue to look to the Lord to be their daily bread even as He provides it.

A: Pray for her as she leaves her family to attend this retreat, for her husband and two kids at home without her for these few days. Pray for protection and peace over each one of them, for the family at home to have a great time together and for patience, grace, and kindness to present in each person. Ask that as she is at this retreat she will be able to focus on herself and on her walk with the Lord, and be undistracted by any worries or anxiety that lies in wait. Pray for a renewal and refreshing of her heart and spirit beyond anything she’s expecting.

V: Pray that she would feel in her heart and spirit a fresh wind from God, a renewed sense of the fragrance of heaven in, over, and through her as she walks with God. Ask that she would turn to Jesus and continue to choose Him, to see how He is fighting for her; that she would be reminded that He sees her, He knows her, He loves her, and is longing to answer the deepest cries of her heart that may be unspoken even to Him. Pray that God would pour out His Spirit on her in abundance and power for her good and for the Glory of His Name.

Friday, April 23

C: Pray for her as she processes the time she spent with Jesus through the season of Lent, that the things she heard from God and experienced in her time with Him will be solid and planted deep within her. Ask for an increase in confidence in who she is in Christ and who He is to her. Pray that if there are any areas where she may be hesitating or wondering if she heard correctly that there would be confirmation for her during the time at the Retreat.

J: Pray that as her daughter continues to adjust to a new school schedule of in-person and online, that there would be grace, patience and that they would both know when to set the boundary of “enough” and walk away for a minute. Pray that in this season together their relationship will grow in new and beautiful ways: for trust, laughter, and honesty to become a hallmark of their relationship. Ask that she would define and hold to good boundaries of ministry and family needs, and not allow herself to fall by the wayside.

H: Pray for her to feel the love of Jesus, and the light of His protection and presence with her always, for peace and calm to be poured over her heart and mind in greater measure. Ask that as she seeks a new sense of purpose and direction that she will make time to be still in the Lord’s presence and allow Jesus to speak words of truth, affirmation, and clarity to her heart, mind, and spirit and that as He does so she would find her spirit calmed and rested in Him. Pray for unity with her husband, that they would work together and move in alignment in their marriage; that they would seek the Lord individually and together, and would know renewed life and hope in their relationship.

Saturday, April 24

Pray for each of the women who were involved in this Haven Retreat, as things get back into a more normal rhythm that they would all make time and space for staying connected with the Lord and with one another. Pray for the truth heard to continue to be received and put into practice. Pray for protection over each woman as she walks in truth and love in boldness and with the authority of the Holy Spirit within her.

Pray for Azmera and the continual looking ahead to the “what next” that God has in store. Pray for the leadership to be in a constant state of sensitivity and listening to the Holy Spirit’s voice and leading, for obedience and a spirit of humility in all things. Pray that God would continue to lead and bless this ministry as there are new ideas and hope for what is yet to come ever on the horizon. Ask that God would clearly reveal what He longs for from this ministry.

Sunday, April 25

This brings us to the end of our time praying for the Costa Rica Haven Retreat! We want to say again how thankful we are for you and your willingness to partner with us through prayer.

Pray for God to continue to reveal to you His heart for you, His love for you, and the things He is inviting you to step into. Pray that you will hear His voice and walk forward in faith and confidence, knowing that He is with you and will be with you always.

Now may you, being called a beloved child of God, know how great, how deep, how high and wide the love of Christ is for you. May you walk in boldness and compassion as you love those around you, as you speak truth, as you bring light and hope to a dark and weary world through the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit within you. May you be encouraged and filled with hope that you are where God has planted you, that you are doing a good and holy work day in and day out. May you receive rest when it is needed, may you seek time with those who challenge you to step into the likeness of Jesus more and more. May you know with all certainty that you are loved and beloved by the Creator of the Universe. May you go forth in peace and know joy.

- suzanna

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