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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 18)

Sunday, April 18

The Retreat ends today! Pray that the final time the women have together will be sweet - filled with joy, light, laughter, and an expectancy for what is still to come. Pray that there would be good brokenness, holy moments with Jesus, and every woman would feel not only blessed and encouraged but fortified with the power of the Holy Spirit in her and the love and power of God on her side.

Pray for the relationships and friendships that have been born this weekend to continue to be fruitful and life-giving as the women return to their homes, ministries, and families; that they would know there are women who are available to connect with, to encourage and be encouraged and who get the challenges and joys of life in ministry.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they send the attendees off, that there would be words of hope, truth and love spoke in boldness and in the timing of the Holy Spirit. Ask for provision of timing and place for any words that need to be spoken that may have been held back up to this point, for obedience to God and trust that He is moving and working and will make all things new. Pray for peace over each woman involved as the retreat ends.

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