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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 17)

Saturday, April 17

Pray that as the Retreat is in the second full day, that breakthrough will be happening, hope will be restored, and each woman will be experiencing not only a connection with the other women but will be connecting with God in ways deep and wide and so badly needed. Pray for joy and laughter to be abundant and tears that are shed to be holy and anointed.

Pray for the Counseling team - Annette, Jessica, Nadine, and Judyann; pray that each of these women will be filled with the power of and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as He uses them in the lives of each woman they meet with. Pray that they would see God’s hand guiding the sessions and know in confidence that God brought each woman to the counselor He intended. Ask for protection over each space the women meet in - from distraction, darkness, and anything that is not of the Lord.

Pray for Kelly and Ann as they minister and serve the women through the gift of Massage, for each woman they interact with to feel loved, precious and to walk away not only feeling blessed physically but also through encounters with God through Kelly and Ann.

Pray for the women serving through pedicures - Sarah, Elise, Patti, and Julie; thank God for their willingness to serve in such a practical and loving way, and ask that He would bless the work of their hands and hearts as they bless the women they give pedicures to. Pray that each woman will trust God to use her as He desires during this time in the afternoons. Pray protection over the rooms they’ll be using, and for the Holy Spirit to move in their midst in power, gentleness, and hope.

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