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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 16)

Friday, April 16

Today is the first full day of the Retreat, please pray that there would be a sense of renewal and hope around every table and in every small group, that as the Holy Spirit moves it would be as a breath of fresh air and cold water to weary souls.

Pray for Beth as she speaks and shares from her heart, that she would be in tune with the Holy Spirit and would be obedient to speak what He has given her. Ask that God would fill her mouth with Truth, with love, and with words that bring healing and hope. Pray that joy and peace would emanate from her.

Pray for Debi as she leads worship, for the time she has spent preparing for this Retreat to be fruitful and life-giving from the Lord. Pray that the ground she stands on as she leads will be sanctified and the atmosphere will be heavy with the presence and glory of the Lord. Ask that she leads her worship of God will be with a whole and full heart and a willingness to step aside so that God will be the center of all attention.

Pray for Heather and Dawn as they lead workshops on Marriage (Heather) and Trauma Healing (Dawn), that they would speak in confidence in what they’ve prepared and would trust that the Lord will bring to each workshop the women that need to be there. Pray that out of these workshops there would be healing, hope, and anticipation for what is yet to come for each woman who participates. Ask that all the pieces and elements of each workshop will fall into place, and above all that God will be glorified through the time spent in these spaces.

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