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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 15)

Thursday, April 15

The Haven Retreat starts today! Pray for the women attending as they arrive, that as soon as they step foot into the welcome area they would feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, that He would lift the burdens and pressures they are carrying and they would immediately feel lighter and feel the Light. Pray that as connections are made that they would be genuine and that every space that is occupied would be a safe and holy space.

Pray for Christina as she leads this retreat, that she would be ultra-sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and would respond to Him in obedience, faith, and boldness; pray that she would see where she needs to step forward and where to step aside.

Pray for Kari as she manages the day-to-day details and the unexpected things that will arise, that she would walk in grace, patience, and kindness in the people she interacts with and advocates for. Pray that she would be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and experience Him in ways she hasn’t known Him before.

Pray for Crystal as she leads Pilates and meets with women who are looking for Spiritual Direction. Pray that she would be filled with the Holy Spirit in every interaction she has, that the time the women spend with her will be full of joy, laughter, and learning new things to point them to Jesus. Ask for God’s hand of protection and healing over her physically as she gives of herself in the midst of dealing with ongoing physical stresses and issues. Pray she would feel the delight and love of the Lord in her.

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