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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 14)

Wednesday, April 14

J: Pray for clarity, direction, and peace in the middle of transition, that she would find grounding, hope, and calm as she seeks the Lord first. Pray that she would be surrounded by peace and confidence in what God has in store for her; pray for a constant reminding that what is unknown to her is completely known by God and she would find rest in that knowing.

H: Pray for her desire to host women’s retreats in her home, that she would follow the Lord’s leading and trust that He will provide what she needs for this ministry. Ask for provision for home improvement projects and upkeep, for a serious water leak to be fixed. Pray that as she looks with excitement to what lies ahead that she will make time to spend with Jesus and remain rooted in Him. Pray that God would pour out blessing and abundance over and for her.

L: Pray for her daughter, who has taken a year off of college to deal with anxiety and depression and is hoping to return soon; pray for healing of her mind and heart, for wisdom in treatments used, for light to break through the cloud that has hovered over her. Pray for L as she walks with her daughter through this season, that she would find rest, hope, and comfort for her own heart and mind as she gives of herself.

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