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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 13)

Tuesday, April 13

Pray for the spaces that will be used by Azmera during this retreat - for there to be protection and a tangible sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence wherever the women are. Pray for the atmosphere to light and weigh with the glory of God as His daughters gather together in His name.

S: Pray for her heart and mind to find peace and rest, for this retreat to be the space her spirit has been longing for to reconnect with the Father, to rest in His presence, and for the Holy Spirit to minister to her in the quiet and in the singing. Pray for her heart to be soft and open to what God is wanting to speak to her; for the encouragement and truth, He has for her to be met with open ears and hands. Ask that those who will be in connection and relationship with her during this time will speak in boldness and love and will be courageous in loving her.

J: Pray for a season of peace and calm in the midst of continued restrictions and an upcoming transition back to the U.S. Ask that she would be given not only a spirit of deep contentment but a spirit of joy, trust, and faith as she moves forward into a new season. Pray that she would see how much God lavishes His love on her in all the details, connections, community, and all the other things that are coming her way.

W: Pray for her kids, who are continuing to go through a lot of loss; pray that they would experience the comfort and presence of Jesus and would learn faith and hope through the things they are experiencing. Ask that God would bring friends and community to their family, for a season of rain and water after what can feel like drought and lots of dust. Pray that she would spend time with the Lord and allow Him to infuse her with compassion, grace, patience, kindness, and understanding for her kids. Pray that she and her husband would experience joy and hope as they lead their family.

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