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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 12-18)

Hello and Welcome to Week Two of our prayer calendar for the Costa Rica Haven Retreat! (That’s a mouthful! 😉) We are - as always- so grateful for your willingness to pray with us for the precious sisters serving and attending this retreat. Our encouragement is to use this as a prayer guide, and to let the Holy Spirit lead you as you pray, that your time praying for this retreat will not only be for the women, but that as you enter God’s presence you will be encouraged and filled up with the goodness of the Lord.

Monday, April 12

Pray for the Connection Crew and Azmera staff as they get to know one another and begin putting things in place for the Haven Retreat. Pray for a sense of community, kindness and a willingness to serve and be served, for an atmosphere and attitude of humility and gentleness among this team of women.

Pray for the hotel staff and local community that will be in contact with the women on this Haven Retreat, that the Spirit of God would be evident in all things that are said and done. Pray for opportunities to love and serve those in service positions and for the name of Jesus to be glorified.

M: Pray for her as she seeks direction and leading as she explores missions in Costa Rica, if that’s where God is leading her and if it’s a long-term move. Pray for wisdom, discernment and peace as she walks the path set before her. Ask that she would walk forward in hope, joy and anticipation where God is calling her, that there would be no doubt or hesitation as she fully trusts and looks to God.

S: Pray for her kids as they are in various stages of life in the military, college and finishing High School. Her youngest son has been having some health issues and is experiencing severe fatigue - pray that God would give knowledge as to what the problems are and would show the way for healing and health. Ask that she would look to God to be provision, healing and sovereign always, that she would not put herself or her walk with God in the backseat as other things call for her attention. Pray that she would seek God first and know that fullness of life lies within Him only.

N: Pray for her as she and her family look ahead to a five-month furlough and are in need of living accommodations as well as all the other little things that will make things easier. Ask that God would provide above and beyond what they are asking, that they would be reminded through His provision of how much He loves them and desires to pour out good things for them. Pray that they would know peace in their hearts and minds as they prepare to take a step back and rest, that this time would be life-giving, renewing and full of refreshment physically, mentally and spiritually.

Tuesday, April 13

Pray for the spaces that will be used by Azmera during this retreat - for there to be protection and a tangible sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence wherever the women are. Pray for the atmosphere to light and weight with the glory of God as His daughters gather together in His name.

S: Pray for her heart and mind to find peace and rest, for this retreat to be the space her spirit has been longing for to reconnect with the Father, to rest in His presence and for the Holy Spirit to minister to her in the quiet and in the singing. Pray for her heart to be soft and open to what God is wanting to speak to her; for the encouragement and truth He has for her to be met with open ears and hands. Ask that those who will be in connection and relationship with her this during this time will speak in boldness and love and will be courageous in loving her.

J: Pray for a season of peace and calm in the midst of continued restrictions and an upcoming transition back to the U.S. Ask that she would be given not only a spirit of deep contentment, but a spirit of joy, trust and faith as she moves forward into a new season. Pray that she would see how much God lavishes His love on her in all the details, connections, community and all the other things that are coming her way.

W: Pray for her kids, who are continuing to go through a lot of loss; pray that they would experience the comfort and presence of Jesus and would learn faith and hope through the things they are experiencing. Ask that God would bring friends and community to their family, for a season of rain and water after what can feel like drought and lots of dust. Pray that she would spend time with the Lord and allow Him to infuse her with compassion, grace, patience, kindness and understanding for her kids. Pray that she and her husband would experience joy and hope as they lead their family.

Wednesday, April 14

J: Pray for clarity, direction and peace in the middle of transition, that she would find grounding, hope and calm as she seeks the Lord first. Pray that she would be surrounded by peace and confidence in what God has in store for her; pray for a constant reminding that what is unknown to her is completely known by God and she would find rest in that knowing.

H: Pray for her desire to host women’s retreats in her home, that she would follow the Lord’s leading and trust that He will provide what she needs for this ministry. Ask for provision for home improvement projects and upkeep, for a serious water leak to be fixed. Pray that as she looks with excitement to what lies ahead that she will make time to spend with Jesus and remain rooted in Him. Pray that God would pour out blessing and abundance over and for her.

L: Pray for her daughter, who has taken a year off of college to deal with anxiety and depression and is hoping to return soon; pray for healing of her mind and heart, for wisdom in treatments used, for light to break through the cloud that has hovered over her. Pray for Lisa as she walks with her daughter through this season, that she would find rest, hope and comfort for her own heart and mind as she gives of herself.

Thursday, April 15

The Haven Retreat starts today! Pray for the women attending as they arrive, that as soon as they step foot into the welcome area they would feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, that He would lift the burdens and pressures they are carrying and they would immediately feel lighter and feel the Light. Pray that as connections are made that they would be genuine and that every space that is occupied would be a safe and holy space.

Pray for Christina as she leads this retreat, that she would be ultra-sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and would respond to Him in obedience, faith and boldness; pray that she would see where she needs to step forward and where to step aside.

Pray for Kari as she manages the day-to-day details and the unexpected things that will arise, that she would walk in grace, patience and kindness in the people she interacts with and advocates for. Pray that she would be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and experience Him in ways she hasn’t known Him before.

Friday, April 16

Today is the first full day of the Retreat, please pray that there would be a sense of renewal and hope around every table and in every small group, that as the Holy Spirit moves it would be as a breath of fresh air and cold water to weary souls.

Pray for Beth as she speaks and shares from her heart, that she would be in tune with the Holy Spirit and would be obedient to speak what He has given her. Ask that God would fill her mouth with Truth, with love and with words that bring healing and hope. Pray that joy and peace would emanate from her.

Pray for Debi as she leads worship, for the time she has spent preparing for this Retreat to be fruitful and life-giving from the Lord. Pray that the ground she stands on as she leads will be sanctified and the atmosphere will be heavy with the presence and glory of the Lord. Ask that she leads her worship of God will be with a whole and full heart and a willingness to step aside so that God will be the center of all attention.

Pray for Heather and Dawn as they lead workshops on Marriage (Heather) and Trauma Healing (Dawn), that they would speak in confidence in what they’ve prepared and would trust that the Lord will bring to each workshop the women that need to be there. Pray that out of these workshops there would be healing, hope and anticipation for what is yet to come for each woman who participates. Ask that all the pieces and elements of each workshop will fall into place, and above all that God will be glorified through the time spent in these spaces.

Pray for Crystal as she leads Pilates and meets with women who are looking for Spiritual Direction. Pray that she would be filled with the Holy Spirit in every interaction she has, that the time the women spend with her will be full of joy, laughter and learning new things to point them to Jesus. Ask for God’s hand of protection and healing over her physically as she gives of herself in the midst of dealing with ongoing physical stresses and issues. Pray she would feel the delight and love of the Lord in her.

Saturday, April 17

Pray that as the Retreat is in the second full day, that breakthrough will be happening, hope will be restored, and each woman will be experiencing not only connection with the other women, but will be connecting with God in ways deep and wide and so badly needed. Pray for joy and laughter to be abundant and tears that are shed to be holy and anointed.

Pray for the Counseling team - Annette, Jessica, Nadine and Judyann; pray that each of these women will be filled with the power of and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as He uses them in the lives of each woman they meet with. Pray that they would see God’s hand guiding the sessions and know in confidence that God brought each woman to the counselor He intended. Ask for protection over each space the women meet in - from distraction, darkness and anything that is not of the Lord.

Pray for the Kelly and Ann as they minister and serve the women through the gift of Massage, for each woman they interact with to feel loved, precious and to walk away not only feeling blessed physically but also through encounters with God through Kelly and Ann.

Pray for the women serving through pedicures - Sarah, Elise, Patti and Julie; thank God for their willingness to serve in such a practical and loving way, and ask that He would bless the work of their hands and hearts as they bless the women they give pedicures to. Pray that each woman will trust God to use her as He desires during this time in the afternoons. Pray protection over the rooms they’ll be using, and for the Holy Spirit to move in their midst in power, gentleness and hope.

Sunday, April 18

The Retreat ends today! Pray that the final time the women have together will be sweet - filled with joy, light, laughter and an expectancy for what is still to come. Pray that there would be good brokenness, holy moments with Jesus, and every woman would feel not only blessed and encouraged, but fortified with the power of the Holy Spirit in her and the love and power of God on her side.

Pray for the relationships and friendships that have been born this weekend to continue to be fruitful and life-giving as the women return to their homes, ministries and families; that they would know there are women who are available to connect with, to encourage and be encouraged and who get the challenges and joys of life in ministry.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they send the attendees off, that there would be words of hope, truth and love spoke in boldness and in the timing of the Holy Spirit. Ask for provision of timing and place for any words that need to be spoken that may have been held back up to this point, for obedience to God and trust that He is moving and working and will make all things new. Pray for peace over each woman involved as the retreat ends.

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