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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 12)

Monday, April 12

This is the second week of Praying for our Costa Rica Haven Retreat! Thank you for continuing to join us in prayer - you are a vital part of this ministry and we are so grateful for you. May you be blessed and encouraged as you spend time with the Lord praying for our sisters who will be at this Retreat.

Pray for the Connection Crew and Azmera staff as they get to know one another and begin putting things in place for the Haven Retreat. Pray for a sense of community, kindness, and a willingness to serve and be served, for an atmosphere and attitude of humility and gentleness among this team of women.

Pray for the hotel staff and local community that will be in contact with the women on this Haven Retreat, that the Spirit of God would be evident in all things that are said and done. Pray for opportunities to love and serve those in service positions and for the name of Jesus to be glorified.

M: Pray for her as she seeks direction and leading as she explores missions in Costa Rica if that’s where God is leading her and if it’s a long-term move. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and peace as she walks the path set before her. Ask that she would walk forward in hope, joy, and anticipation where God is calling her, that there would be no doubt or hesitation as she fully trusts

and looks to God.

S: Pray for her kids as they are in various stages of life in the military, college, and finishing High School. Her youngest son has been having some health issues and is experiencing severe fatigue - pray that God would give knowledge as to what the problems are and would show the way for healing and health. Ask that she would look to God to be provision, healing, and sovereign always, that she would not put herself or her walk with God in the backseat as other things call for her attention. Pray that she would seek God first and know that fullness of life lies within Him only.

N: Pray for her as she and her family look ahead to a five-month furlough and are in need of living accommodations as well as all the other little things that will make things easier. Ask that God would provide above and beyond what they are asking, that they would be reminded through His provision of how much He loves them and desires to pour out good things for them. Pray that they would know peace in their hearts and minds as they prepare to take a step back and rest, that this time would be life-giving, renewing, and full of refreshment physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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