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Azmera COSTA RICA Haven Retreat 2021 | Prayer Calendar (April 11)

Sunday, April 11

Today our Connection Crew begins the trip to Costa Rica! We’re so excited and thankful for this group of women. Will you pray for protection over each one as she travels today? For smooth connections and rest on the flights, for peace of mind and heart as they leave families, work, and routine for this time, and for anticipation for what God has in store for each one over the coming days of the Haven Retreat.

J: Pray that she will see the provision of God for her to attend this retreat, not just financially but also in time away from home and ministry. Ask that this time and opportunity to retreat from the routine of life for a few days will be blessed; that she will find rest, encouragement, challenge, and accountability in ways she isn’t even aware that she needs or is looking for. Pray for joy and the cool refreshment of the Holy Spirit to pour over her every moment that she is away.

J: Pray for discernment in planning for the future, for wisdom in plans yet to come. Pray for her ears and heart to be open to the Lord’s voice, for an increase in sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and for boldness and confidence as plans are made and put into motion. Ask that she would be supernaturally aware of the provision and guidance of God as she walks forward in faith.

C: Pray for her as she continues to wait and hope in the midst of this pandemic, that she would not grow weary or discouraged but would continue to look to God for rest, for direction, and for hope. Pray that she would see that with Jesus there are no walls or restrictions even though the state of the world and life around her can be so dark and can feel confining. Pray that she would see Light around her, that God would show her where He is working and how He is using her, and above all how loved she is and how secure she can be in Christ. Ask for peace and calm to cover her, for fear and anxiety to be cast away in the Name of Jesus.

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