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Azmera COLOMBIA Haven Retreat 2023 | Prayer Calendar (April 24-29)

Greetings, again! We are in our last week of praying for our Colombia Haven Retreat. We hope you have some sweet time with the Lord as you sit with Him and allow Him to lead your prayers this week, for you would know His voice and trust the things He gives to you as you pray. Thank you for being here.

Monday, April 24

Pray for A and the need she has for more financial support; ask that God would bring good people alongside her to fill in the financial gap as well as be emotional support and encouragement to her. Pray for her as she mentors F, that their friendship would be fruitful and that they would learn from one another, encourage and challenge one another, and that their relationship would be life-giving to both. Ask that Anna would desire to make time alone with God a priority, that she would seek Him out and would know His delight in her as she sits with Him; ask also that there would be a secret/special garden or place for her to spend time with the Lord.

Pray for M and her desire for her sisters and their families to come to know the Lord. Ask that God would continue to soften their hearts as He draws them to His heart; that she would trust He is at work beyond what is seen and known. Pray for M to trust Jesus with her family, and that as she walks in faith her life and love for the Lord would be what her sisters and their families see on a consistent basis.

Pray for A and her family as almost all the kids are now teenagers (11yo is the youngest). Ask for grace, kindness, understanding, and compassion among the family, as the transition has been rough; ask that there would be moments of fun, light, and laughter to balance out the emotional outbursts and frustrations, especially as they spend a lot of time together as they homeschool. Pray for An and her husband to be united in spirit and thought as they walk through this season together and look forward to calmer days of enjoying their kids as teenagers.

Tuesday, April 25

Pray for the Connection Crew as they begin their trip back home; pray for safe travel, rest, and smooth connections/flights. Ask for peace and light over their hearts and minds as they begin the mental shift of going from a place of service back to routines, family, and jobs. Pray for their family and friend as they welcome them home to give them space to share their stories at the pace they need to, that they would be attentive and present to sit and listen as stories and experiences are shared and processed.

Pray for K as she desires direction for ministry focus; ask that she would be given clear direction and leading, and would move forward in hope and confidence. Pray for her as she struggles with the idea of continuing to stay in South America as a missionary; pray that she would know that her doubts are holy and that her questions and hesitations are held tenderly by God. Pray that she would lean into His voice and presence and would trust Him to guide her, and above all, she would be reminded of and walk in the confidence of her belovedness to her God who loves her very much.

Pray for S as she longs for unity in the body of Christ. Pray that she would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as He invites her into uncomfortable spaces where she will have the opportunity to exemplify the unity she desires. Pray that she would be bold and courageous in how she loves those around her and would see the goodness of God all around her.

Wednesday, April 26

Pray for AC who asks for others to come alongside in prayer for J, who is living in CA for treatment for pneumonia and alcoholism; pray for God’s hand of healing and grace to cover him and to invite him into a deeper relationship with God. Ask that as she trusts God with those she loves she would be able to see how and where God is at work and would grow in faith and hope for the things the Lord can do.

Pray for A as she comes alongside Peruvian churches to help them implement member care practices and principles. Pray that the churches she is working with will have open hearts and minds to learning new ways to meet the needs of those who are serving in ministry, and will be excited to see their people walk in refreshment and care. Ask that she would be gracious and compassionate, and would be encouraged and given new hope as she sees the gospel at work around her in the lives and communities that she is a part of.

Pray for S as she oversees repairs on the guesthouse, that she would find good and faithful workers to help her. Pray for provision for the needs at hand, and for the glory of God to be revealed again and again to her as this project is undertaken. Ask that she experience a greater depth and knowledge of who God is and how He loves through this season.

Thursday, April 27

Pray for J as she eagerly awaits the book she has written to get published. Ask God to bring the right people and publishers into her life that will encourage her and will work with her to bring her creation to life. Pray for the words she has written and is waiting to share with the world will bring glory to God.

Pray for F to be reminded of how much light she brings to dark places, that she reflects who God is and draws people nearer to Him. Ask that she would find rest for her feet and for her soul in the presence of God alone, that He is waiting for her to bring her weary heart to Him to be renewed and delighted in. Pray for her to listen quietly to the words of truth and beauty that He is wanting to speak to her, that she will hear His voice and allow the truth to continue to transform her even more into His likeness.

Pray for A as she processes the Haven Retreat -the things she heard and was reminded of, the encounters she had with God, and the encouragement and challenges she received from those around her. Ask that she would make space and time to sit with Jesus and lean in towards His voice once again, to hear His words of truth and love spoken to her of who she is and how her life impacts those around her for good and for glory. Pray that she would not feel empty or blank, but would see the fullness of life that God is holding for her and inviting her into; pray she would step into the story God has for her with trust that He will be with her in the fear and uncertainty.

Friday, April 28

Pray for J and her family to move towards the unity and togetherness she is longing for. Ask that she would be given clarity in how she is viewing things, and would continue to approach God with her desires with a humble and gentle heart. Pray for financial provision, for God to open the storehouses of heaven for her to remind her that He is good, that He is her ultimate provision and will give her what she needs as the need arises.

Pray for M to trust that she is who God says she is, and that the trust will transform into confidence and boldness to embody the beauty and light that she is. Ask that she would see the goodness of who she is in Christ and that knowledge would give her strength and power to share the love of God with those around her in gentle and humble ways. Pray that she would be filled with hope, joy, and happiness that would change the atmosphere of every space she steps into.

Pray for J to be given clarity to see the goodness of God all around her, especially in the work of her hands and the ministries and relationships she is given to. Pray that she would be given a deeper faith and trust in who God is as she is called into places where light flickers and darkness threatens to overwhelm; ask that she would follow where God leads with confidence and with the knowledge that the power of the Holy Spirit is hers to claim. Pray for protection and grace over her every step that she takes, that she would know she is loved and that she in return has the power to offer that same love and grace to those she encounters.

Saturday, April 29

Pray for all the women who were involved in this Haven Retreat as they continue to get back into the swing of things with their families, jobs, and ministries. Ask for everything good and holy experienced, witnessed, spoken, and heard to be sealed in each heart and mind in the Name of Jesus, and that anything not of Him will be wiped away without a second thought. Pray for continued protection and peace over each woman as she takes the things she learned and applies them in practical ways in life, in her walk with Jesus, and with those around her. Pray for abundant blessing and provision over each one.

Pray for the leadership of Azmera as they debrief and process this Haven Retreat as well as look ahead to what is yet to come. Pray that there would be fruitful conversations where truth can be spoken and heard, where ideas can be brought safely to the table, and where processes and habits can be checked and adjusted as needed. Ask that the Holy Spirit continue to be given the space to speak, lead and create the ministry that God desires.

Finally, once again - thank you. Our gratitude bears worth mentioning again and again because you are a vital part of this ministry and we know deep in our hearts that it would not be what it is if not for your prayers. We hope that you have been encouraged and have encountered Jesus in significant ways these past three weeks, and we hope you will be able to see and know the fruit of your prayers. We look forward to connecting with you again this Fall when we gear up for our Greece and Egypt Haven Retreats!

May you be blessed, encouraged, and held securely in the arms of Jesus.

With love,


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