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Azmera COLOMBIA Haven Retreat 2023 | Prayer Calendar (April 17-23)

Hello! Thank you for joining us as we continue to pray for the Colombia Haven Retreat! We are so grateful you're here. Our prayer for you this week is that you would meet Jesus in some beautiful and specific ways as you spend time in prayer; that you would listen to His voice as He leads you in what and how to pray for the things listed here. May you be blessed and encouraged.

Monday, April 17

Pray for the Connection Crew as they get to know each other and begin spending time team building and preparing for the Haven Retreat. Pray that this unique group of women will be united in heart, thought, and deed; that they would be compassionate, gracious, and full of mercy for one another. Ask for an acute awareness of the protection and presence of God with these women wherever they set foot.

Pray for M and the church plant they launched recently, that they would be able to see the work of the Lord in tangible ways as they continue to trust Him and follow His leading. Ask for hope and joy to be abundant as they navigate new relationships and encounter obstacles and challenges. Pray for protection and peace to cover them as they walk in obedience with the Lord.

Pray for S and the tangible physical needs she has, such as finding and purchasing a car that will serve her well. Pray that she will look to God to be her provision in the big and small ways, and will be able to see all the ways in which He has been faithful to her. Ask that she will be blessed abundantly and will walk in confidence in how loved she is by God.

Tuesday, April 18

Pray for the Connection Crew as they work together and get to know a little bit of the area they’ll be staying in this week, that even as they have fun and explore they would all be given a sense of the deeper things that God is at work in this city. Ask for times of deep worship and connection among this group of women, as well as moments of gut-busting laughter and light. Pray that this time these women have together will be life-changing, encouraging, and will speak for years to come of the goodness and faithfulness of God.

Pray for Christina as she leads this retreat, interacts with the women attending and volunteering, and is available for anyone who comes to her with a need or a question; ask that she would be focused and present to the things in front of her and that she would trust those who come alongside her to help carry the weight of this retreat. Pray that she would sit with the Lord on a daily basis and be sensitive to His spirit, leading, and voice and would lead with confidence, boldness, and trust.

Pray for Kari as she manages the details, communication, and situations that will arise during the time she manages this Haven Retreat. Pray that she would be rooted in Jesus and will look to Him and trust Him to walk with her, sit with her, to give her guidance and understanding, and to be the one to stand in the gap for her when she needs Him too. Ask that God would give her a unique and powerful covering of protection and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as she allows Him to speak words of truth, light, and comfort over her, as she encounters Him during this time as much as she spends time serving those around her.

Wednesday, April 19

Pray for the women attending as they get things in place with family, jobs, ministries, and the responsibilities they’ll be putting aside for the next few days. Ask for peace of mind for each woman as they step away from the normal routine and prepare their hearts and minds to enter into places of rest, fellowship, and communion with the Lord. Pray they would be excited and filled with anticipation for what is in store for them, and for reconnecting with God in significant ways.

Pray for Joy as she prepares to lead the women at this retreat into God’s presence through worship and song. Pray she will be attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit and will lead in humility and love. Ask for rest, strength, and hope over her each day, as she not only steps into the role of worship leader but as she connects to and communes with God in her own heart and life.

Pray for Carey as she will be sharing words of wisdom and encouragement through her time given as the speaker at the Haven Retreat. Pray that she will be attentive and obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and would move and speak in boldness and power as she is equipped and led in each moment. Pray for protection over her and for her own encouragement and encounters with the Lord even as she leads.

Thursday, April 20

The Colombia Haven Retreat starts today! Pray for the Connection Crew as they spend the final hours of preparation and getting ready, that there would be a continued sense of unity and anticipation for what the next four days will hold. Ask for each woman on the Connection Crew to be rested and refreshed as they prepare to welcome the women attending.

Pray for the women as they arrive, for each one to be able to breathe deeply and feel the burdens and weights lifted from their bodies, hearts, and minds as they step over the threshold into the space they will occupy the next several days. Ask that there would be an atmosphere of calm, love, and safety that each woman would be able to sense, that any defensive guards and protections will be lowered in the safety of the presence of Jesus and the women who have come to serve.

Pray for the first session that will take place tonight, for the presence of the Holy Spirit to be tangible, to move like a cool breeze on a hot day, and to be holy and fragrant. Pray for the women as they connect with one another, and begin sharing pieces of their hearts and lives with each other, that each table and conversation will be a safe place to be authentic and vulnerable. Ask that the women hosting each table will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and will speak or be silent as the Spirit leads.

Friday, April 21

Pray for the Haven Retreat in its first full day, for the moments of teaching, worship, connection, and fun that will take place today. Ask for each woman to recognize the invitation that Jesus sets before them to step deeper into His presence, for them to be bold in walking into the space He is holding for them, and for the words of truth, light, and life that He will speak over them to be sealed in their hearts and minds by the power of His name. Pray for every encounter, conversation, and act of giving and receiving to be known as holy and good, the deep moments and the ones filled with light and laughter.

Pray for Elise, Jeri, Melissa, Madison, Jane, and Dream as they serve and give of themselves through the tangible act of giving pedicures. Ask that each of these women will be excited to be the hands of Jesus during this time, and will be filled with hope and expectation for what God will do alongside them as they serve. Pray for protection and healing over these women as they sit and listen and share words of encouragement and truth, that they would be in tune with the Holy Spirit and would speak in boldness and love.

Pray for Nancy, Elizabeth, and Amy Beth as they give of their time and gifts through the create stations they will be facilitating. Pray they would each be covered in the peace and calm of the Holy Spirit as they experience God in ways that may be new and different from what they’ve known before. Ask that there would be no room for anxious thoughts or hesitation, but that each one would be confident in how God has equipped them for this time; that they would be filled with kindness and boldness in the Name of Jesus.

Saturday, April 22

Pray for Day Two of the Retreat! As the women continue to gather, connect and form friendships, pray for a continued covering of protection over each woman and space used during this time. Ask for a deep sense and knowledge of the Holy Spirit’s presence as the women interact through the sessions, meals, and afternoon activities and services offered. Pray for the Connection Crew to be rested and have the energy and focus needed for the day, as they continue to give and make themselves available for the needs that will arise.

Pray for Annette, Betsy, and Stela as they give of their time and of themselves through one-on-one counseling. Ask that each of these women -and the rooms they use - will be covered in protection and the power and presence of Jesus would change the atmosphere. Pray for an increase in sensitivity to the Lord’s voice and for boldness and gentleness in sharing the words that the Lord will give.

Pray for Kristen and the hours she will spend ministering through hairstyling and cutting hair for the women who seek her out. Pray that God will sanctify the room that she uses and that His presence will fill every space with a sense of safety and holiness for all who spend time in it. Ask that God will bless the work of her hands and the words of her mouth will speak encouragement, truth, and will bring glory to God. Pray that God will give her rest and energy, focus, and joy each day.

Sunday, April 23

The Haven Retreat ends today; pray for the women as they gather together one last time for worship, teaching, and last conversations with their connection groups. Ask that as they spend time with the Lord and one another in this setting they will be given final words of encouragement, fortification, and the reminder of the power of the Holy Spirit they all have access to.

Pray for the women as they end their time and begin their journey home, for protection and safe travels, for time to sit with and process the things they heard, learned, and were reminded of. Ask that the specific word of the Lord given to each woman will take root in their hearts and minds and will be sealed with the name of Jesus, that the truths spoken and heard will be sanctified and protected.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they send the women off and then will have time to debrief and connect with one another from the past few days. Ask that they each be given the space - physically and mentally - to rest and process in the ways they each need to. Pray for compassion, understanding, and grace for one another as the adrenaline wears off and there will be the desire to share the experiences and things witnessed in unique ways for each woman.

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