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Azmera COLOMBIA Haven Retreat 2023 | Prayer Calendar (April 10-16)

Hello! We find ourselves gearing up for our Colombia Haven Retreat, from April 20-23. This is your invitation to join us in prayer for the retreat, the women who will attend, and the women who will be going to volunteer. The ministry on the ground would not be what it is without your prayers, so we thank you for your participation with us in this way. Our encouragement to you as you spend time praying is that you would not feel as though you have to pray for every suggestion offered but would first sit in the Father’s presence and allow His good voice to guide you as you pray, and would know His Spirit and ministry to you as you give of your time, energy and heart through the time spent praying. May you be blessed this week and may you experience some unexpected goodness from God specifically for you.

Monday, April 10

Pray for the hotel, rooms, and outdoor spaces that will be used during the Haven Retreat. Pray that the Spirit of God would fill each space with holiness and hope and that there would be a divine hedge of protection placed all around.

Pray for the hotel staff, workers, and anyone local that will come in contact with the women on this retreat, that they will sense the Spirit of God and will be moved towards Him through their observations and encounters with this group of women who will gather under His name.

Pray for A as she looks to God for the wisdom and perseverance needed to follow His leading. Ask that she would make time to be still and sit in His presence and listen to His voice, to know that He longs to speak truth and love over her as much as He will give direction and leading. Pray that she will allow the Holy Spirit to quiet any voice that is not from the Father and will lean in to hear Him more clearly as she surrenders herself more to Him.

Tuesday, April 11

Pray for K as she balances family, education, and ministry; for her to be wise in her priorities and for her to be courageous in what she says “yes” and “no” to. Pray for her grandmother who has been sick and who is on her heart constantly, that God would give comfort and peace to her as they are apart and that He would bring healing and life to her grandmother’s body.

Pray for R and her desire to be able to fully lay her stress, worries, and anxieties at the feet of Jesus. Pray that she will come to God with open hands and heart and would be willing to trust Him to be the good and kind Father that she knows Him to be. Ask that as she entrusts her worries and stress with the Lord that she will know His peace and calm over her heart, soul, mind, and strength and will be able to walk forward with hope and confidence.

Pray for J as she asks for wisdom in prioritizing and balancing ministry needs and responsibilities; ask that she will make time to listen to the Lord’s voice as He speaks direction and leading to her and that she will walk in faith and trust. Pray for her as she mothers two adolescent sons; for wisdom, grace, understanding, and compassion with them as they go through this season together.

Wednesday, April 12

Pray for J and her family as they deal with the continued aftermath of robberies and tension with a neighbor from the beginning of the year. Pray for a sense of safety and peace in their home, that they would know God to be present and would know His protection in specific ways. Ask that she would run to Jesus for truth, comfort, and peace against words spoken against her, that she would cling to the truth of who she is in Christ and would allow Him to be her shield and guard.

Pray for B as she desires to disciple young women, that she would have wisdom and discernment and trust the Lord’s leading as she seeks to be intentional in her relationships. Pray that she surrender her plans and desires to the Lord and allow Him to guide her as she walks through life, that she would learn to simply walk with these young women through life and trust God to reveal Himself to them through her obedience to Him.

Pray for M and her husband as they supervise several different teams at the same time, for wisdom and discernment in their interactions with the different team members. Ask for an increase in understanding and compassion with the teams and with one another as they face challenges and for situations that will arise unexpectedly. Pray for unity and authenticity among the teams as they work together.

Thursday, April 13

Pray for D and her desire for her kids to find even ground to settle on after many difficult transitions. Pray for peace and calm over her kids and her family and household, that there would be a sweet season of light and hope for each member of her family. Ask for wisdom and discernment as she mothers her kids and does her best for them each day, for her to give herself grace and room to breathe for herself and her heart, as she adjusts to things as well. Pray for good people to come alongside them and be a safe community of support and friendship.

Pray for R they have experienced a shift in their ministry – in the region they are focusing on as well as the team they are working with. Pray for unity, compassion, and understanding on this new team that is coming together from different cultures, communication styles and focus; ask that there would be laughter, hope, and confidence in the direction that has been set for them. Pray they would begin seeing the fruit of their labor.

Pray for L as she is sitting in a spot of being burned out. Ask for wisdom as she looks at what areas she can step back from and where she needs to reassess her commitments and shift her priorities. Pray that she would find a place to sit and be still with Jesus, to lean in towards His voice and hear the words of truth, hope, and love that He has for her; ask that she would find His presence to be a balm to her soul and a light to her heart and mind, that all the other things would fade away as she re-centers herself in who she is in Christ. Pray for protection and grace over her in this season.

Friday, April 14

Pray for J as they get a new church plant up and running after years of ministry and building relationships on the reservation. Ask that they would continue to follow the Lord’s leading and be obedient to the things He asks of them, even when it may not make sense and they don’t have the full picture of what He has at work. Pray for peace and trust as they begin to look for the fruit of their labor.

Pray for S as the rhythms and routines she has settled into may begin to shift with a new season approaching. Ask that she will maintain her focus on the Lord and listen to His voice as He speaks direction and guidance over her. Pray that she will walk in obedience and trust even as situations and relationships change, that she will know God is good as He is at work beyond what she can see and beyond what her mind can fathom.

Pray for S as she sees the need for rest, freedom, and grace in the leadership at her church, as she feels the effects of the leadership in her life and in her ministry. Pray that she will be able to focus her mind and heart on Jesus as she looks to Him to be her source of rest, life, and renewal; ask that she would be able to safely distance herself from the struggles and politics within the church that are not meant for her or for her ministry. Ask that God will place protection all around her and will walk with her closely through this season.

Saturday, April 15

Pray for S and her longing to encounter God in new and healing ways during her time at the retreat. Ask that she would know the places He is holding for her to sit with Him over the next week, that she would find rest for her soul in His presence; pray that she would hear and believe the words of healing, hope, and life that He will speak over her. Ask that she will be able to see His goodness and presence with her over the last few years that have held heartache and loss; that she will find new life and hope in Christ. Pray that this time away would be a balm to her soul.

Pray for A as she desires to find a healthy spot in her time management of her ministry and for her personal needs and daily routines. Pray for her to walk in wisdom, faith, and understanding as she counsels others and points them toward Jesus, that she would make time to listen to the Holy Spirit as He speaks to her and through her, for her to be humble and faithful to share the words He gives her for those she sits with. Ask that she would make time for fun and light and laughter as a part of her daily routine.

Pay for D as she struggles with back pain and discomfort. Pray that the Lord would speak healing, wellness, and wholeness over her body, heart, and mind; ask that as she waits on Him she would know joy, faith, and perseverance in the midst of the struggle. Ask that she and her husband will find a good church community in which to settle, that they would be in agreement on where to begin building relationships, and would look forward together with hope and excitement for what God has in store for them.

Sunday, April 16

Pray for the Connection Crew as they begin the journey to Colombia. Pray for safety as they travel, for rest and comfort, for smooth connections, and for each one to safely arrive in Cartagena. Ask that as they travel and get to know one another that relationships will be formed and renewed, that there would be a spirit of unity and light, and that this specific group of women will be filled with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in specific and holy ways.

Pray for protection over each woman in this Connection Crew against anything that darkness would attempt to throw their way, that it would be blocked by the Name of Jesus. Pray for protection over each woman’s mind, that there would be no space for worries and doubts or hesitations for what each woman has been called to bring for this time and space. Pray for protection over each heart, that there will be space for the women to receive the burdens that will be brought to them, and that they will be faithful to give the burdens and words heard back to the Lord at the end of each day. Pray for protection over each woman’s body, that there would be no sickness or injury, and that the Spirit would speak life and health and rest over every moment of their time away.

Pray for R in her desire to be brave in making decisions and in following the Lord. Pray that she would have an increased sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and His leading; that she would allow Him to flow through her and give her the boldness and kindness to speak truth and act in love, for her desire to be the aroma of Christ to everyone she encounters to be fruitful and for her to see the fruit of her obedience.

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