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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 Prayer Calendar | February 21-27

Hello! And thank you for hanging with us so faithfully as we enter the third week of praying for our Thailand/Cambodia Haven Retreats. I hope that as you spend time in prayer for the women and the time they spend at the Retreat that your own heart and spirit are filled up to the fullness as you are in the Lord’s presence. Please continue to pray as the Holy Spirit leads you - don’t be afraid to deviate from what we have written here in this space, He know

s the needs of their hearts and yours so much more than we do! Be blessed and encouraged this week, you are doing hard and holy work as you enter the throne room of God in partnership with Him and on their behalf. - suzanna

February 21: The Cambodia Haven Retreat starts today! Pray that the Connection Crew will feel rested and be so excited and ready to greet each woman as she arrives. Ask that the women attending will sense a change in atmosphere as soon as she steps into the hotel, that the Spirit of the Lord will be hovering over every place Azmera is, that the women will feel welcomed and waited for and so treasured. Pray that the first large and small group gatherings will be safe spaces for each woman to exhale and rest her heart and mind. Ask for the Holy Spirit to continue to movement He has already begun in all the hearts gathered together.

A - Pray for her as a mother who longs for her kids to have good, healthy friendships, especially when it can be difficult for kids to being living cross culturally. Pray for her sixteen-year old son Jacob, who is struggling with living overseas and doesn’t have good friends who love Jesus; ask for God to bring good people into His life who will encourage him and challenge him in his walk with God. Pray for her to have wisdom and discernment in encouraging him and letting him find his own way, that she would have trust and faith that God is sovereign and cares deeply for her son.

K - Pray for continued wisdom and courage as she steps into a new area of supporting Christian entrepreneurs in a Business as Mission initiative. Pray she would trust and follow God’s leading, especially in areas that are new and uncomfortable for her. Ask that God would bring together a group of people to work together in this area and that He would move mountains as this ministry gains ground, that it would be a new way for people in her community to see God’s kingdom come on earth. Pray for encouragement and someone to mentor her as she leads this ministry.

D - This year will be a busy year for her and her family with a big birthday for her mother, family reunion, and passports needed for their foster daughter and granddaughters. Pray that God would smooth the path before them, bring every detail and need into fruition and bring peace over their hearts and minds as He works His good plan. Ask that someone would come alongside her to help lead a Bible study who would be reliable, teachable and wise; ask for someone to come help with the Sunday School she leads. Pray that she would make time in the midst of the busyness to sit at her Savior’s feet and find rest for her heart and soul.

February 22: Pray for the Retreat as the women experience their first full day together. Pray that there would be as sense of urgency to attend to matters of the heart, that as the space and time are given to meet with one another and with God, that not one woman would feel as though the time is wasted or put aside in favor of earthly things. Pray for each woman to experience and encounter God in very real and tangible ways, and to allow Him to speak over them and to not be afraid to be moved by the Holy Spirit.

Pray for the Connection Crew to be sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit and to the needs and heart posture of each woman they are with; that they would be willing to step aside from their agenda and plans and allow God to work in ways that He has already prepared beforehand.

A - Her heart is longing for her family to walk with the Lord, especially her brother and stepfather. Pray that God would use good people in each of their lives to point them towards Jesus in gentle, tangible and understandable ways; ask that He would continue to soften their hearts and draw them to His heart as He orchestrates situations and relationships for their eternity. Pray that she would not grow tired or weary in praying, but would continually bring them before God and trust Him to be at work even when she can’t see it. Pray for joy and hope to overflow in her soul.

F - Pray for her as she as she is in a season of transition and waiting on God to reveal what is next for her. Ask that as she waits in faith, she will find rest and peace and use this time to refresh her heart and soul. Pray for hope for what God has for her, and confidence that He will give her what she needs and speak to her about what comes next. Ask that there be joy and calm in the waiting and in the moving from one season and ministry to the next.

S - She is looking ahead to next year and her involvement in helping plant a base of their NGO in Madagascar; pray that God would raise up workers to team up alongside her, for her to be patient as things are worked out, and to be bold in asking others to pray about coming with her. Pray that God would speak peace over any fears that she is holding, that she would allow Him to work and move in new ways in her heart and life.

Februrary 23: Pray for the Retreat in its second full day; pray that there would be a sense of light over everywhere the women are - light in place of darkness, lightness of heart and mind, lighter in weight that is being lifted. Pray that the worship and speaking sessions be so filled with the Holy Spirit that there is incredible times of movement afterwards, of allowing God to remove burdens and weight that is not of Him. Pray for a spirit and sense of joy to permeate every room and space the women are in.

Pray for the Connection Crew to be rested, healthy and well as they continue to give mightily of themselves in obedience to God and in desire to come alongside their dear sisters in Christ. Ask that there be a continued spirit of unity and team among this group of women, that they would give and receive grace in abundance.

M - Pray that God would continue to provide the finances and resources needed for the ministry she works in, as her heart is burdened for the children needing and waiting for help. Ask that she would be reminded that not a single thing escapes God’s notice or attention, and that the things her heart is burdened with is a reflection of what is on God’s heart. Pray for righteousness and justice to rise up in waves by the power of the cross in the areas she lives and ministers in.

B - Pray for peace and confidence in God’s sovereignty, as the government in India is forcing many to leave and her desire is to stay and continue the work she is in. Pray boldly for Light to shine brightly in the darkness, and for truth and holiness to infiltrate the government officials who have the power to allow people to stay. Ask for her to stand up in faith and trust God to be doing giant things behind closed doors and things that are as yet unseen. Pray that her faith will grow as it is rooted and planted in the cross.

V - Pray that her eyes would remain open and see even clearer the opportunities to share the gospel with those in her life, and to speak in love and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the ears of those she speaks with to be opened to heart truth and love, and for their hearts to be softened towards a Father who loves them so very much. Pray that she would be patient and wait on God to orchestrate interactions and relationships around her, that she would be ok to sit and wait and trust that God is at work even when she isn’t actively moving or speaking.

February 24: The Cambodia Retreat wraps up today! Pray that the words and truth God has spoken to each woman will be solidified and be planted deeply within her. Ask that as the women spend one last session together there would be joy and courage to share what has been learned, what has impacted, how they have seen God move and change and give new life. Pray that each woman who has attended will walk away from this experience feeling lighter and filled with hope and the power of the Holy Spirit. Ask that the friendships that have been formed will be long-lasting and life-giving for each woman. Pray that the covering of protection will continue to be over the space and women in the space. Ask that as the women leave, they will do so with anticipation for how God is going to continue to move and lead them as they go back to their homes, families and ministries.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they have some time to rest and find quiet places to decompress and breathe deeply after giving so much of themselves over the past few days. Pray they would each find the time and place they need for a few moments alone, that God would protect that space they are in and cover them from any distractions or things that are not from Him.

S - Will you pray Psalm 23:2-3 over her? He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me besides quiet waters, He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. (NIV) Ask that as God leads her to places of rest, that her He will place a guard around her heart and mind, to block out anything that’s not from Him, so that she can find the rest that she is desperately in need of. Pray that as she enters these quiet places, she will allow God to restore her soul, and bring her back to a place of nearness and quietness with the Lord.

A - Pray for peace over her home, a busy house with five kids. Ask that she be aware of the patience, grace and love she is given each day, that she in turn can bestow those things on her family. Pray that her bearing and countenance would be one full of love, compassion and mercy as she reflects those things from her heavenly Father. Pray that their family would know no need, as they trust in a God who will provide because He has always provided, because He is their provision.

J - Pray that she would allow God to continue to soften her heart and give her His vision to see Cambodia as He does; ask that she would experience an increase in compassion and empathy for those in her daily life - the ones she ministers to and the ones she interacts with in more natural settings. Pray that God would show her areas in her heart and mind that are unyielded to Him, that she would desire a whole heart before God more than what is comfortable and familiar and would walk in bravery to places of healing and restoration.

February 25: Pray for the women as they travel and arrive home, that they would be given safety and rest as they travel and as they arrive home they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by how they find things when they walk through their doors. Ask that the new life, refreshment and renewal they have experienced would be evident on their countenance and through the words they speak and how they speak them.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they debrief together; that their words and the things they share would be spoken honestly and held tenderly by those who hear them. Pray that they would be able to see how God used them and was at work in significant ways in not only the lives of those they ministered to, but also in their own hearts and lives. Pray they would give to God the things they have carried the past few days, to trust Him to continue the good work in their lives and the lives of the women who attended. Pray they would be able to sleep well and feel rested for the journey home.

N - Pray for her marriage and the struggles they are facing because of abuse from the past. Pray they would boldly walk into healing and recognize that the path to healing is hard but holy, and that what God longs for them is for restoration, freedom and redemption. Pray for an abundance of grace, compassion and mercy in their marriage; ask that they fight hard for one another, and invite God into every conversation. Pray for truth and healing to be poured over them in greater measure, for life and Light to permeate every corner of their hearts and minds and the spaces they physically occupy. Ask for the glory of the Lord to reign over them and their story.

V - Pray for their continued transition to a bigger city and their continued work with an unreached people. Ask that they find community and friendships as they settle in, especially for their four kids. Pray that God would continue to open doors and conversations and hearts among the people they have been called to work with, that the relationships that have been built would be able to withstand the new living situation, and the people would be able to see Jesus so clearly through her and her family.

S - Pray for God to give her clarity - of vision, of heart and mind as she works and lives in Cambodia, and as she desires to love the kids she works with as God does. Ask that she see afresh the impact she is making, and how one smile and kind word speaks the love of Jesus without having to say His name. Pray that God would give her glimpses of the bigger work He is doing in the country and how she is a part of that work. Pray that her heart would be filled to overflowing with joy and a lightness that comes from walking with God.

February 26: Pray for the Connection Crew as they start their trip back home. Pray for protection, safety, and health over them as they travel, that they wouldn’t experience any unexpected delays or interruptions as they head home. Pray they would be able to sleep on the long flights and wouldn’t be uncomfortable or feel unwell. Ask they would continue to have good conversations and interactions with one another.

Pray for the women who attended the retreat as they get back into the swing of things at home; pray they would be reminded of the things they heard at the retreat that were significant and encouraging to them, that they would see ways they can put into practice in everyday and manageable ways. Pray for those who stood in their place while they were gone to be grateful for all the things these women do, and to vocalize their gratitude and appreciation for them.

N - Pray for her family as they are living all over Cambodia, and one son is in the US. Ask for protection over all of them as they are apart, but doing the good work to which God has called them; pray they would know God’s provision and presence with each one of them, that they would have the emotional support and encouragement needed on a daily basis. Pray that God would bless the work of their hands and they would know Him deeply and see His name glorified and spread throughout the nations as they walk in obedience to Him.

K - Pray for a renewed awareness of how God sustains and provides for her and for her team, especially in seasons of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Ask for protection over them and for them to be encouraged to keep their eyes on the Lord, to remember that He is with them and for them. Pray that she would step into a new role on her team of encouragement, faith and trust. Pray that she would return again and again to Jesus as the water of life for her soul.

L - Please pray for protection over her and her husband as they face health and mobility issues; that they would ask for wisdom and discernment in taking care of themselves and would be obedient as God leads, even if the way He leads does not look like they expect. Pray for joy and hope for what is yet to come.

February 27: Pray for all those in Sihanoukville who encountered the women during this retreat, that they would allow the seeds God planted in them to grow as He calls them to Himself. Ask that there be people who walk with Jesus to come into their lives and continue the work that was begun. Pray for protection over this city in the areas of health and wellness and over any darkness that would seek to gain or maintain a stronghold.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they arrive home; pray for rest and time to process the things they saw and experienced. Pray for those who have missed them while they were away to welcome them home with grace and patience, and to give them the time and space they each need as they readjust to getting home and having to jump back into all the things that were put on hold.

B - Pray that she would know when God lifts her up, that she would be aware of His presence with her and the way He lifts her head. Ask that she would know the refreshment of His Spirit as He ministers to her, and as He gives her a renewed and steadfast spirit. Pray that she would see the times during her week where she can step back and enter the Lord’s rest on a consistent basis.

A - Pray they would know God’s provision in all things, but to visibly see His hand as He provides for tenants for their home in NZ, that new tenants will be people who also walk with Jesus and who will take great care of their home. Ask that she would have a new walk of trust in her relationship with God, and that as she trusts Him for the big and little things, she would experience peace and a deeper faith than she’s known.

H - Pray that as she has a lot on her plate and in her mind, she would make time to be still before the Lord and allow Him to speak life and truth and love over her; ask that as she is in His presence, He would open her hears to hear clearly and she would learn a new rhythm of listening to His voice first. Ask that she would see His provision over the tangible needs she has as well as the things she desires in herself as she gives herself in ministry and life to those around her.

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