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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (March 5)

March 5: Today wraps up our prayer journey for Thailand and Cambodia - and we will say it again, “Thank you!” We are so grateful for your participation and presence in spirit throughout both of these Haven Retreats. Today, as we eagerly look ahead towards Easter and all that comes “next,” I’d love to encourage you to spend some time praying for the Lord’s direction in your own heart and life; pray that as you continue to trust Him and walk with Him, that He will reveal new parts of who He is to you that you haven’t yet experienced. Ask that as you look to Him daily, He would help you be aware of His presence and power all around you. Spend some time listening to how He responds to you, and be encouraged to push through what may be a few uncomfortable moments of silence, trusting that He will speak to you, and longs to do so.

Now our prayer for you is this, may you walk in grace, truth and love even more each day as you seek God’s face and allow Him to pour Himself into you. May you be a person of courage and boldness to proclaim who God is to you, and to speak truth in love and kindness at every turn. May you know the fullness of God’s love for you, and in turn pour out love on those you encounter. May you be blessed and encouraged as you walk through each day, knowing you are not alone and that one so much greater is fighting for you.

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