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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (March 4)

March 4: Pray for the work of the Church across the world - that God would move in power and in might, that those who have never heard His name or doubt that He is real would see Him and know Him and people would come to Him and claim Him as their own. Pray for the persecution of the Church, that those willing to lay down their lives would be protected and guarded by the angel armies of heaven, that every breath and life given would be done for the glory of the Name of the Lord, and that His glory and renown would be known over every tribe, tongue and nation. Pray for boldness of tongue as truth is spoken, pray for love to be shown in greater and more tangible measure, and pray for grace to be evident in all those who walk in His name.

S - She longs for the teachers she works with to open their hearts to Jesus; pray that she would take the times and opportunities that rise to share God with them in a non-threatening way, and as she shares her story with them their hearts would be soft and open to the work God has been doing in their lives. Pray for protection over her and wisdom as she shares. Ask that she would look ahead with excitement to the day she will be able to call them brothers and sisters, and trust in God’s perfect timing in all things.

J - Pray for an increase in wisdom as she lives and walks among those she serves, that she would see God at work in small ways and know that He is always working bigger things beyond what she can see. Ask that she would know without doubt of the ways He has and is sustaining her, fighting for her and providing for the things she may not even realize she needs. Pray that she would have a wellspring of joy deep within her as she follows God, and that it would overflow into everything she puts her hands to.

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