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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (March 3)

March 3: Pray for Azmera and its continued ministry and presence around the world. Pray for those in charge to be given an extra dose of sensitivity to the Lord’s leading, to be able to sit and be still and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and to be obedient to where He leads, however uncomfortable or unexpected. Praise Him for how He has used this ministry in so many significant ways in hundreds of lives across the globe, ask that the work He has begun in so many lives will continue to grow and expand as His name is glorified and made known among the nations. Pray for protection and peace over Azmera, that it would be truly God’s, and that if He is for it then nothing will be able to stand against it.

M - Pray that as she seeks God about direction for her future, she would give Him space to speak and show her what He has for her. Pray for a spirit of wisdom, discernment and boldness and she follows Him and makes decisions in faith. Pray that God would block her heart, mind, eyes and ears from anything that’s not from Him, that He would protect her and she would know and trust His voice alone.

T - Pray for her husband's health - he suffers from recurring shingles and sleep apnea. Pray for peace and comfort as they trust God to heal him by the Name of Jesus. Ask for her to be able to sleep well and be renewed in heart and mind as she cares for her husband and gives herself to the ministries and relationships she has chosen. Pray that God’s name would be glorified through their lives in all seasons and situations.

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