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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (March 2)

March 2: Pray for the churches, organizations and people that support the women who attended the retreat - both financially and in all the other ways they are supported. Ask that God would abundantly bless those who have stepped in the gap for the women and their families and give of their time, emotions and finance on behalf of the women; pray that God would continue to be the acknowledged as the One who is the ultimate provision, and they He would receive the glory due His name. Pray that those who support from a distance would know their gifts not only encourage and support the ones overseas, but are beautiful pieces that are building the Kingdom of heaven here on earth.

V - Pray that she would be able to stop and look back over the past few months and clearly see the ways in which God has provided and in doing so would find time to sit and allow her heart to be filled with gratitude and praise. Pray that as she gives time to teaching each week as well as being home with her four children, she would be able to balance and prioritize both of those things in ways that leave no one wanting and her feeling refreshed and renewed each day.

C - She has a very specific need of a physiotherapist to come alongside and work with her and the children with disabilities that she works with. Ask that God would provide above and beyond what she is asking, and that His provision and faithfulness in this story will reach far and wide so that His glory and His name will be great. Pray that she would be given the energy, focus and rest she needs each day as she gives of herself in ways that carry a different weight.

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