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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 29)

February 29: Pray for the Connection Crew from both retreats as they settle back into routines and work as well, that they things they witnessed and experienced would settle deep within their heart and souls, as they allow God to continue to speak truth and light over them as well. Ask for a renewed sense of the awareness of God with them throughout each day, that as they have seen Him at work overseas, they would see Him at work in their everyday lives and circumstances. Pray they would look to Him for direction and leading in what comes next in their lives.

F - Pray that she would not be afraid to ask Jesus for more, that she would ask in faith and courage and would not limit what she thinks God can do based on what mankind can do. Ask that God would increase her faith through circumstances and situations where things may seem impossible, pray that He would move mountains and give her eyes to see the work and miracles she is in the midst of. Pray that she would never tire of coming before Him and allowing Him to fill her up until her cup runs over.

Y - Pray for an increase in grace and patience in her home, as she homeschool's her three kids; ask that she would find time each day to ground herself in God’s presence and that out of that grounding would flow life and kindness to everyone she interacts with throughout the day. Ask that God would provide a good community of women for her to connect with who can relate to her season of life and speak encouragement over her.

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