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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 28)

Well Friends, here we are - the last week of praying for our Thailand and Cambodia Haven Retreats. We again humbly thank you for journeying with us, we are so grateful for you. ~suzanna

February 28: Pray for all of the women from both retreats, as they settle back into their routines while looking ahead to what the coming months hold; pray they would hold fast to the things they experienced and the encounters they had with God and the Holy Spirit. Pray they would continue to walk in freedom and boldness and with hearts of gratitude for the grace given to them. Ask that they would know the power of the Holy Spirit within them as they speak truth and share the things they’ve learned. Pray they would know joy in all seasons.

R - Pray that she would choose courage to be who God has created and called her to be, that she would not be afraid to live the life worthy of the calling she has received. Ask that as she walks boldly in the truth of who she is that she would know freedom and the delight of God as He sings over her. Pray that she would be a light in the darkness around her, and that many would come to know Jesus because of her life and obedience to Christ.

P - Pray that she would see God’s hand continually over the work of her own hands, especially in the programs and activities she oversees. Pray she would walk into these things with excitement and anticipation for what God is going to do and how He is going to work. Pray that she would know that she brings light and joy wherever she goes as she trusts God to lead her and provide for her.

L - Pray that they would see very clearly the ways in which God provides for them, as He calls people to support them financially beyond what they expect. Ask that they would not worry about the tomorrow’s but would live fully present and full of trust in every today. Pray that she would walk with grace, patience, joy and wisdom as she serves those around her. Pray that she would receive encouragement and words of life when she needs it the most.

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