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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 27)

February 27: Pray for all those in Sihanoukville who encountered the women during this retreat, that they would allow the seeds God planted in them to grow as He calls them to Himself. Ask that there be people who walk with Jesus to come into their lives and continue the work that was begun. Pray for protection over this city in the areas of health and wellness and over any darkness that would seek to gain or maintain a stronghold.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they arrive home; pray for rest and time to process the things they saw and experienced. Pray for those who have missed them while they were away to welcome them home with grace and patience, and to give them the time and space they each need as they readjust to getting home and having to jump back into all the things that were put on hold.

B - Pray that she would know when God lifts her up, that she would be aware of His presence with her and the way He lifts her head. Ask that she would know the refreshment of His Spirit as He ministers to her, and as He gives her a renewed and steadfast spirit. Pray that she would see the times during her week where she can step back and enter the Lord’s rest on a consistent basis.

A - Pray they would know God’s provision in all things, but to visibly see His hand as He provides for tenants for their home in NZ, that new tenants will be people who also walk with Jesus and who will take great care of their home. Ask that she would have a new walk of trust in her relationship with God, and that as she trusts Him for the big and little things, she would experience peace and a deeper faith than she’s known.

H - Pray that as she has a lot on her plate and in her mind, she would make time to be still before the Lord and allow Him to speak life and truth and love over her; ask that as she is in His presence, He would open her hears to hear clearly and she would learn a new rhythm of listening to His voice first. Ask that she would see His provision over the tangible needs she has as well as the things she desires in herself as she gives herself in ministry and life to those around her.

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