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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 26)

February 26: Pray for the Connection Crew as they start their trip back home. Pray for protection, safety, and health over them as they travel, that they wouldn’t experience any unexpected delays or interruptions as they head home. Pray they would be able to sleep on the long flights and wouldn’t be uncomfortable or feel unwell. Ask they would continue to have good conversations and interactions with one another.

Pray for the women who attended the retreat as they get back into the swing of things at home; pray they would be reminded of the things they heard at the retreat that were significant and encouraging to them, that they would see ways they can put into practice in everyday and manageable ways. Pray for those who stood in their place while they were gone to be grateful for all the things these women do, and to vocalize their gratitude and appreciation for them.

N- Pray for her family as they are living all over Cambodia, and one son is in the US. Ask for protection over all of them as they are apart, but doing the good work to which God has called them; pray they would know God’s provision and presence with each one of them, that they would have the emotional support and encouragement needed on a daily basis. Pray that God would bless the work of their hands and they would know Him deeply and see His name glorified and spread throughout the nations as they walk in obedience to Him.

K - Pray for a renewed awareness of how God sustains and provides for her and for her team, especially in seasons of physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Ask for protection over them and for them to be encouraged to keep their eyes on the Lord, to remember that He is with them and for them. Pray that she would step into a new role on her team of encouragement, faith and trust. Pray that she would return again and again to Jesus as the water of life for her soul.

L - Please pray for protection over her and her husband as they face health and mobility issues; that they would ask for wisdom and discernment in taking care of themselves and would be obedient as God leads, even if the way He leads does not look like they expect. Pray for joy and hope for what is yet to come.

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