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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 25)

February 25: Pray for the women as they travel and arrive home, that they would be given safety and rest as they travel and as they arrive home they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by how they find things when they walk through their doors. Ask that the new life, refreshment and renewal they have experienced would be evident on their countenance and through the words they speak and how they speak them.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they debrief together; that their words and the things they share would be spoken honestly and held tenderly by those who hear them. Pray that they would be able to see how God used them and was at work in significant ways in not only the lives of those they ministered to, but also in their own hearts and lives. Pray they would give to God the things they have carried the past few days, to trust Him to continue the good work in their lives and the lives of the women who attended. Pray they would be able to sleep well and feel rested for the journey home.

N - Pray for her marriage and the struggles they are facing because of abuse from the past. Pray they would boldly walk into healing and recognize that the path to healing is hard but holy, and that what God longs for them is for restoration, freedom and redemption. Pray for an abundance of grace, compassion and mercy in their marriage; ask that they fight hard for one another, and invite God into every conversation. Pray for truth and healing to be poured over them in greater measure, for life and Light to permeate every corner of their hearts and minds and the spaces they physically occupy. Ask for the glory of the Lord to reign over them and their story.

V - Pray for their continued transition to a bigger city and their continued work with an unreached people. Ask that they find community and friendships as they settle in, especially for their four kids. Pray that God would continue to open doors and conversations and hearts among the people they have been called to work with, that the relationships that have been built would be able to withstand the new living situation, and the people would be able to see Jesus so clearly through her and her family.

S - Pray for God to give her clarity - of vision, of heart and mind as she works and lives in Cambodia, and as she desires to love the kids she works with as God does. Ask that she see afresh the impact she is making, and how one smile and kind word speaks the love of Jesus without having to say His name. Pray that God would give her glimpses of the bigger work He is doing in the country and how she is a part of that work. Pray that her heart would be filled to overflowing with joy and a lightness that comes from walking with God.

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