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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 23)

February 23: Pray for the Retreat in its second full day; pray that there would be a sense of light over everywhere the women are - light in place of darkness, lightness of heart and mind, lighter in weight that is being lifted. Pray that the worship and speaking sessions be so filled with the Holy Spirit that there is incredible times of movement afterwards, of allowing God to remove burdens and weight that is not of Him. Pray for a spirit and sense of joy to permeate every room and space the women are in.

Pray for the Connection Crew to be rested, healthy and well as they continue to give mightily of themselves in obedience to God and in desire to come alongside their dear sisters in Christ. Ask that there be a continued spirit of unity and team among this group of women, that they would give and receive grace in abundance.

M - Pray that God would continue to provide the finances and resources needed for the ministry she works in, as her heart is burdened for the children needing and waiting for help. Ask that she would be reminded that not a single thing escapes God’s notice or attention, and that the things her heart is burdened with is a reflection of what is on God’s heart. Pray for righteousness and justice to rise up in waves by the power of the cross in the areas she lives and ministers in.

B - Pray for peace and confidence in God’s sovereignty, as the government in India is forcing many to leave and her desire is to stay and continue the work she is in. Pray boldly for Light to shine brightly in the darkness, and for truth and holiness to infiltrate the government officials who have the power to allow people to stay. Ask for her to stand up in faith and trust God to be doing giant things behind closed doors and things that are as yet unseen. Pray that her faith will grow as it is rooted and planted in the cross.

V - Pray that her eyes would remain open and see even clearer the opportunities to share the gospel with those in her life, and to speak in love and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the ears of those she speaks with to be opened to heart truth and love, and for their hearts to be softened towards a Father who loves them so very much. Pray that she would be patient and wait on God to orchestrate interactions and relationships around her, that she would be ok to sit and wait and trust that God is at work even when she isn’t actively moving or speaking.

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