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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 22)

February 22: Pray for the Retreat as the women experience their first full day together. Pray that there would be as sense of urgency to attend to matters of the heart, that as the space and time are given to meet with one another and with God, that not one woman would feel as though the time is wasted or put aside in favor of earthly things. Pray for each woman to experience and encounter God in very real and tangible ways, and to allow Him to speak over them and to not be afraid to be moved by the Holy Spirit.

Pray for the Connection Crew to be sensitive to the movement of the Holy Spirit and to the needs and heart posture of each woman they are with; that they would be willing to step aside from their agenda and plans and allow God to work in ways that He has already prepared beforehand.

A - Her heart is longing for her family to walk with the Lord, especially her brother and stepfather. Pray that God would use good people in each of their lives to point them towards Jesus in gentle, tangible and understandable ways; ask that He would continue to soften their hearts and draw them to His heart as He orchestrates situations and relationships for their eternity. Pray that she would not grow tired or weary in praying, but would continually bring them before God and trust Him to be at work even when she can’t see it. Pray for joy and hope to overflow in her soul.

F - Pray for her as she as she is in a season of transition and waiting on God to reveal what is next for her. Ask that as she waits in faith, she will find rest and peace and use this time to refresh her heart and soul. Pray for hope for what God has for her, and confidence that He will give her what she needs and speak to her about what comes next. Ask that there be joy and calm in the waiting and in the moving from one season and ministry to the next.

S - She is looking ahead to next year and her involvement in helping plant a base of their NGO in Madagascar; pray that God would raise up workers to team up alongside her, for her to be patient as things are worked out, and to be bold in asking others to pray about coming with her. Pray that God would speak peace over any fears that she is holding, that she would allow Him to work and move in new ways in her heart and life.

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