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Azmera CAMBODIA Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 21)

Hello! And thank you for hanging with us so faithfully as we enter the third week of praying for our Thailand/Cambodia Haven Retreats. I hope that as you spend time in prayer for the women and the time they spend at the Retreat that your own heart and spirit are filled up to the fullness as you are in the Lord’s presence. Please continue to pray as the Holy Spirit leads you - don’t be afraid to deviate from what we have written here in this space, He knows the needs of their hearts and yours so much more than we do! Be blessed and encouraged this week, you are doing hard and holy work as you enter the throne room of God in partnership with Him and on their behalf. - suzanna

February 21: The Cambodia Haven Retreat starts today! Pray that the Connection Crew will feel rested and be so excited and ready to greet each woman as she arrives. Ask that the women attending will sense a change in atmosphere as soon as she steps into the hotel, that the Spirit of the Lord will be hovering over every place Azmera is, that the women will feel welcomed and waited for and so treasured. Pray that the first large and small group gatherings will be safe spaces for each woman to exhale and rest her heart and mind. Ask for the Holy Spirit to continue to movement He has already begun in all the hearts gathered together.

A - Pray for her as a mother who longs for her kids to have good, healthy friendships, especially when it can be difficult for kids to being living cross culturally. Pray for her sixteen-year old son J, who is struggling with living overseas and doesn’t have good friends who love Jesus; ask for God to bring good people into His life who will encourage him and challenge him in his walk with God. Pray for her to have wisdom and discernment in encouraging him and letting him find his own way, that she would have trust and faith that God is sovereign and cares deeply for her son.

K - Pray for continued wisdom and courage as she steps into a new area of supporting Christian entrepreneurs in a Business as Mission initiative. Pray she would trust and follow God’s leading, especially in areas that are new and uncomfortable for her. Ask that God would bring together a group of people to work together in this area and that He would move mountains as this ministry gains ground, that it would be a new way for people in her community to see God’s kingdom come on earth. Pray for encouragement and someone to mentor her as she leads this ministry.

D - This year will be a busy year for her and her family with a big birthday for her mother, family reunion, and passports needed for their foster daughter and granddaughters. Pray that God would smooth the path before them, bring every detail and need into fruition and bring peace over their hearts and minds as He works His good plan. Ask that someone would come alongside her to help lead a Bible study who would be reliable, teachable and wise; ask for someone to come help with the Sunday School she leads. Pray that she would make time in the midst of the busyness to sit at her Savior’s feet and find rest for her heart and soul.

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