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Azmera THAILAND Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 11)

Pray for the counseling team - Charlene, Alicia and Tori as they prepare to meet with women; pray they would lean into God and allow Him to lead the conversations as they speak truth in kindness and love. Pray God would guard their mouths against any word that is not from Him.

Pray for Dawn, Heather and Tary as they lead the Create stations and Breakaway Sessions. Ask that they would yield their expectations and desire to Jesus and allow Him to lead as they share what He has given them. Pray that the Create stations would be fun and filled with a light spirit and that the love of God would be refreshing and breathtaking to all who step into the space.

V - Pray for her as she just feels tired and is recognizing some areas from her childhood that affect life today. Pray that she would look to Jesus to be the place where she finds rest for her soul and would be eager to meet with Him and allow Him to give peace and restoration. Ask for a hedge of protection around her heart and mind as she does the hard work of walking towards healing, that she would allow God to root out what has not been planted by Him, and trust Him to be gentle and kind to her.

J - She has lived a lot of her life on the mission field, as a child and now as an adult; ask that she would find time to give thanks for the life God has given her, and for His faithful presence in her life through all the seasons she has walked through. Pray that as she looks back on certain situations from her childhood, that she would allow God to graciously guide her through healing, forgiveness and walking towards wholeness. Pray for protection over her as she chooses light over darkness and chooses to walk through things that will be difficult, that she would know the steadfast presence of Jesus next to her in every step.

C - She is a busy woman as a mother, English teacher and one who works with asylum seekers; pray that she would have wisdom in balancing all of these things in her life, as well as discernment in prioritizing what she gives her time and heart to. Ask that she would learn how to set healthy boundaries, and know the freedom in saying “no” when she needs to. Pray that she would make time with the Lord a priority, and that the time she spends with Him would be refreshing and set the tone for whatever lies ahead of her.

C - Pray for her church and her place in it, that she would be available to however God wants to use her as He has gifted her. Pray she would not be afraid to step into new areas of ministry and relationship, that she would trust God to be with her. Ask that her church would be a light to the community they are in, that their doors would always be open and the welcoming presence of Jesus would permeate the neighborhood they’re in.

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