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Azmera THAILAND Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 10)

Pray for the Connection Crew as they have feet on the ground and begin the preparation and team building over the next few days. Ask that the presence of the Holy Spirit would be tangible and real as they share their lives and hearts with one another; pray for authentic community, and for each of the team members partnered together to be on the same page and willing to communicate gently and authentically.

Pray for the speaker, Brooke, as she prepares to speak the word the Lord has given her. Ask that she be still before God and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to her and lead her in what He has for the women attending. Pray for a boldness of tongue and a gentle spirit as she shares her heart and what the Lord has given her to speak. Pray as well for Debi, the worship leader, as she prepares to lead the women into the presence of God through music. Pray that her guitar and hands would be in tune with one another, and that her heart would focus on Jesus as she worships Him. Ask that the space where the speaking and worship will take place will be consecrated and holy, and the presence of God would be thick in the air; pray that the Holy Spirit will move in power and permeate every inch of the space.

S - Pray for a new sense of hope and a renewed trust as the future of her ministry is on her mind; pray she walks in faith as she allows God to lead her and direct the course of her life and her ministry. Ask that she would know happiness and joy in the things she does, that there would be time for light-heartedness in the midst of the heavy work of day-to-day life.

S - As she and her husband get closer to being in their 70’s, their desire is to continue serving and ministering as they are able. Pray they would be given clear direction as they continue to look to the Lord for leading and provision. Ask for good health and wellness over their bodies as they continue to give of themselves daily. Pray for peace over their hearts and minds as they choose obedience and trust the Lord to go before them.

E - Pray for her as she steps away from a ministry that demands a lot of strength and stamina to attend the Haven Retreat, that as she finds a place of rest she would see how God sustains her and provides what she needs on a daily basis. Ask that this time away from her ministry will be life-giving, full of renewal and filled with so much goodness from her Father who loves her so dearly.

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