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Azmera THAILAND Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 9)

Pray for Christina and Judy as they retreat director and manager; pray they would be calm and trust God with the details to fall in place as they desire, but even more so as God has willed. Pray for both of these women to be filled with the Holy Spirit in ways they haven’t experienced before, to learn new ways to step aside and let God move and work. Ask that they would be humble of heart, sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to the needs and voices of the women serving as the Connection Crew.

J - Pray for her as she has a full plate, and desires to be diligent and faithful to what she is doing. Pray that she would have wisdom and discernment as she prioritizes the things she’s involved in. Ask that she would create healthy boundaries and not be afraid of saying “no” and be reminded that of all the things she has to offer to God what He desires most is her heart.

C - Her desire right now is continue to grow in learning how to be a better steward for the Lord. Please pray that as God gives her opportunity with new stewardship, that she would walk with confidence in what He has given her, and wisdom and peace in her decisions. Ask that she would know His hand of blessing and leading over her.

D - Please pray for her as she continues to transition to living in Thailand, as it has not been without struggle and challenge. Pray that she would begin to feel at home as she makes connections and finds community. Ask that as she begins to find her place that she would see how God has been with her every step of the way.

S - Pray for relationships in her family, especially with extended family, to be full of grace and understanding; pray that tensions would ease and there would be a new level of communication and learning to meet one another in a space of compassion and love. Ask that she would have discernment and mercy where it is needed most, and she would be able to see the hand of God at work in all things. Pray that she would be given a spirit of joy and a new hope for relationships in her life.

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