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Azmera THAILAND Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 7)

Please pray for the Thailand Connection Crew as they begin their journey to Thailand. Pray for safe flights, good seating arrangements, rest on the flights and protection over luggage and connections. Pray that this team would be cohesive and full of grace; pray they would have fun together and know a deep joy in serving in new ways. Pray as well for there to be a hedge of protection over the retreat in its entirety against any sickness and concerns of the coronavirus.

L - Pray for the foster children in her home, as the hard work of healing and overcoming trauma is at hand; pray that she would have wisdom and discernment in loving the kids and being available to how God would use her in their lives. Pray for protection over her home against the powers of darkness that would fight for these precious ones.

R - Pray for the strongholds of anxiety to be broken in the name of Jesus. Ask that she would continue to choose God and turn her face towards Him, trusting that His heart for her is healing, freedom and wholeness. Pray that she would know deep joy and contentment in the midst of the struggle.

R - Pray that she and her husband would trust God to provide for them in all things as the economy of Zimbabwe as unstable and even may collapse. Pray for their marriage, for anything that is not of God to be uprooted and taken away from their relationship as they seek God individually and together. Ask Jesus to overflow their home with joy and light that is only find in and through Him.

A - Pray as she ends her first term overseas and prepares for a season of furlough, that she would know peace as she leaves things behind for a time, that she would trust God to continue the good work He has started through her. Pray that she would know He has prepared a way for her and will provide for every detail as she transitions for a time.

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