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Azmera THAILAND Haven Retreat 2020 | (Feb 13)

The retreat starts today! As Thailand is about 12 hours ahead of the US (give or take a few hours depending on the time zone), please pray that the women who are attending will feel welcomed and wanted the moment they set foot in the hotel and are greeted by the Azmera team. Pray for good rooming assignments where the women will connect with their roommate and feel as though they have met a long-lost friend. Pray for the initial session as the women get to know one another and share parts of the stories. Pray for the extended time of worship and prayer, that the Holy Spirit will move mightily in the lives and hearts of the women, that hearts will be softened and truth can be vocally spoken where it is needed to be heard.

K - Pray for their transition with organizations they’re with, as they move from one that left them feeling uncared for and unsupported that they would find community and support within the new organization. Ask for wisdom as they continue to walk the mission field, that they would be in a continual posture of seeking God and His will, and being obedient to what He calls them to. Pray they would find nourishment and refreshment for their hearts and souls.

K - Pray for a protection of light and power over her as she ministers to people of her own nationality, that she would walk in boldness in the Name of Jesus in places that may be hostile and unwelcoming. Ask that she would know the firm presence of the Lord as He goes before her and prepares a way for her voice to be heard as she speaks truth by the power of the cross. Ask that she would know joy and delight as she allows God to use her to plant seeds and spread Light and hope in places that are dark and hopeless.

V - As she is desiring to step into more ministerial roles, pray that she would have courage and clarity to use the gifts God has given her in new ways. Pray that she would know God has gone before her to clear the path, and will be with her every step of the way, especially the new and uncomfortable steps He may be asking her to take. Pray she would walk in boldness and faith as she chooses obedience.

C - Pray for a spirit of steadfastness as they work and come alongside others in their ministry and daily lives. Pray they would walk with grace and allow room for others to speak and try out new ways of ministry and doing things. Ask that they would be able to see how God is blessing the work of their hands as they are faithful to work and as they do remain steadfast.

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