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Azmera THAILAND Haven Retreat Prayer Calendar: February 7-13

Hello, Dear Friends, Apologies that this prayer calendar is getting a late start this time around! We are gearing up for not one but two Azmera Haven Retreat Prayer Calendars. We will be hosting a retreat in THAILAND from Feb 13th - 16th, and then in CAMBODIA from the 21st - 24th. Some of our team from Thailand will continue on to Cambodia, and some will return home as new team members join the rest in Cambodia. We will be filling up the month of February with prayers for each day, as we cover each woman attending as well as those giving their time to serve. We would love to have you along on this adventure with us through your prayers; as always, please use this as a guide as you pray - don’t feel as though you have to pray for everything listed, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer. Thanks for being a part of this ministry!

February 7:

Please pray for the Thailand Connection Crew as they begin their journey to Thailand. Pray for safe flights, good seating arrangements, rest on the flights and protection over luggage and connections. Pray that this team would be cohesive and full of grace; pray they would have fun together and know a deep joy in serving in new ways. Pray as well for there to be a hedge of protection over the retreat in its entirety against any sickness and concerns of the coronavirus.

L - Pray for the foster children in her home, as the hard work of healing and overcoming trauma is at hand; pray that she would have wisdom and discernment in loving the kids and being available to how God would use her in their lives. Pray for protection over her home against the powers of darkness that would fight for these precious ones.

R - Pray for the strongholds of anxiety to be broken in the name of Jesus. Ask that she would continue to choose God and turn her face towards Him, trusting that His heart for her is healing, freedom, and wholeness. Pray that she would know deep joy and contentment in the midst of the struggle.

R - Pray that she and her husband would trust God to provide for them in all things as the economy of Zimbabwe as unstable and even may collapse. Pray for their marriage, for anything that is not of God to be uprooted and taken away from their relationship as they seek God individually and together. Ask Jesus to overflow their home with joy and light that is only find in and through Him.

A - Pray as she ends her first term overseas and prepares for a season of furlough, that she would know peace as she leaves things behind for a time, that she would trust God to continue the good work He has started through her. Pray that she would know He has prepared a way for her and will provide for every detail as she transitions for a time.

Februrary 8:

Pray for the hotel the retreat will be held at, as well as the staff that will encounter the women staying there. Ask that the work God has begun in the lives of the people in this area will be watered as His daughters descend on this place and offer love and Jesus in tangible ways. Pray that these women will graciously exemplify God and His great love for everyone. Pray for protection over every space the retreat will be taking place in - the meeting room, dining room, shared spaces and hotel rooms would all be covered in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

K - Will you pray Psalm 3:3-4 for her? But You, O LORD, are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high. I cried out to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy mountain. (NLT) Pray that she would know that God is for her and that He will hold her head high when she just cannot hold it any longer; ask that she would know that when she cries out to Him, He not only hears her but will answer her in all holiness so that her heart can again be whole.

A - Pray that the visa renewal she needs this year will come through without any delays or holdups; and that in the waiting she would not feel stress but only peace as she looks to God to be the One who provides for her. Ask that she would know God’s deep joy and delight in her as He provides for her every need.

S - Pray for her as she looks ahead to retirement, and all the changes, challenges and transitions that come with this move. Pray that she finds a new rhythm in her walk with God, as a new season is upon her of rest and quiet as He leads her to the next season He has in store for her. Ask God to allay any fear, stress and worry she may be carrying about walking into this new unknown.

K - She desires to continue to grow in her walk with God, pray that her eyes and ears would be open to see and hear what God is doing in her life, and in the lives of those around her, that she would bravely step into the places God is leading. Pray that she would come to know a new love and depth of intimacy with God as she focuses her gaze on Him. Ask that she would be tangible love and grace to the kids she works with.

February 9:

Pray for Christina and Judy as they retreat director and manager; pray they would be calm and trust God with the details to fall in place as they desire, but even more so as God has willed. Pray for both of these women to be filled with the Holy Spirit in ways they haven’t experienced before, to learn new ways to step aside and let God move and work. Ask that they would be humble of heart, sensitive to the Holy Spirit and to the needs and voices of the women serving as the Connection Crew.

J - Pray for her as she has a full plate, and desires to be diligent and faithful to what she is doing. Pray that she would have wisdom and discernment as she prioritizes the things she’s involved in. Ask that she would create healthy boundaries and not be afraid of saying “no” and be reminded that of all the things she has to offer to God what He desires most is her heart.

C - Her desire right now is to continue to grow in learning how to be a better steward for the Lord. Please pray that as God gives her opportunity with new stewardship, that she would walk with confidence in what He has given her, and wisdom and peace in her decisions. Ask that she would know His hand of blessing and leading over her.

D - Please pray for her as she continues to transition to living in Thailand, as it has not been without struggle and challenge. Pray that she would begin to feel at home as she makes connections and finds community. Ask that as she begins to find her place that she would see how God has been with her every step of the way.

S - Pray for relationships in her family, especially with extended family, to be full of grace and understanding; pray that tensions would ease and there would be a new level of communication and learning to meet one another in a space of compassion and love. Ask that she would have discernment and mercy where it is needed most, and she would be able to see the hand of God at work in all things. Pray that she would be given a spirit of joy and a new hope for relationships in her life.

February 10:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they have feet on the ground and begin the preparation and team building over the next few days. Ask that the presence of the Holy Spirit would be tangible and real as they share their lives and hearts with one another; pray for authentic community, and for each of the team members partnered together to be on the same page and willing to communicate gently and authentically.

Pray for the speaker, Brooke, as she prepares to speak the word the Lord has given her. Ask that she be still before God and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to her and lead her in what He has for the women attending. Pray for boldness of tongue and a gentle spirit as she shares her heart and what the Lord has given her to speak. Pray as well for Debi, the worship leader, as she prepares to lead the women into the presence of God through music. Pray that her guitar and hands would be in tune with one another and that her heart would focus on Jesus as she worships Him. Ask that the space where the speaking and worship will take place will be consecrated and holy, and the presence of God would be thick in the air; pray that the Holy Spirit will move in power and permeate every inch of the space.

S - Pray for a new sense of hope and a renewed trust as the future of her ministry is on her mind; pray she walks in faith as she allows God to lead her and direct the course of her life and her ministry. Ask that she would know happiness and joy in the things she does, that there would be time for light-heartedness in the midst of the heavy work of day-to-day life.

S - As she and her husband get closer to being in their 70’s, their desire is to continue serving and ministering as they are able. Pray they would be given clear direction as they continue to look to the Lord for leading and provision. Ask for good health and wellness over their bodies as they continue to give of themselves daily. Pray for peace over their hearts and minds as they choose obedience and trust the Lord to go before them.

E - Pray for her as she steps away from a ministry that demands a lot of strength and stamina to attend the Haven Retreat, that as she finds a place of rest she would see how God sustains her and provides what she needs on a daily basis. Ask that this time away from her ministry will be life-giving, full of renewal and filled with so much goodness from her Father who loves her so dearly.

February 11:

Pray for the counseling team - Charlene, Alicia, and Tori as they prepare to meet with women; pray they would lean into God and allow Him to lead the conversations as they speak the truth in kindness and love. Pray God would guard their mouths against any word that is not from Him.

Pray for Dawn, Heather, and Tary as they lead the Create Stations and Breakaway Sessions. Ask that they would yield their expectations and desire to Jesus and allow Him to lead as they share what He has given them. Pray that the Create stations would be fun and filled with a light spirit and that the love of God would be refreshing and breathtaking to all who step into the space.

V - Pray for her as she just feels tired and is recognizing some areas from her childhood that affect life today. Pray that she would look to Jesus to be the place where she finds rest for her soul and would be eager to meet with Him and allow Him to give peace and restoration. Ask for a hedge of protection around her heart and mind as she does the hard work of walking towards healing, that she would allow God to root out what has not been planted by Him, and trust Him to be gentle and kind to her.

J - She has lived a lot of her life on the mission field, as a child and now as an adult; ask that she would find time to give thanks for the life God has given her, and for His faithful presence in her life through all the seasons she has walked through. Pray that as she looks back on certain situations from her childhood, that she would allow God to graciously guide her through healing, forgiveness and walking towards wholeness. Pray for protection over her as she chooses light over darkness and chooses to walk through things that will be difficult, that she would know the steadfast presence of Jesus next to her in every step.

C - She is a busy woman as a mother, English teacher and one who works with asylum seekers; pray that she would have wisdom in balancing all of these things in her life, as well as discernment in prioritizing what she gives her time and heart to. Ask that she would learn how to set healthy boundaries, and know the freedom in saying “no” when she needs to. Pray that she would make time with the Lord a priority, and that the time she spends with Him would be refreshing and set the tone for whatever lies ahead of her.

C - Pray for her church and her place in it, that she would be available to however God wants to use her as He has gifted her. Pray she would not be afraid to step into new areas of ministry and relationship, that she would trust God to be with her. Ask that her church would be a light to the community they are in, that their doors would always be open and the welcoming presence of Jesus would permeate the neighborhood they’re in.

February 12:

Pray for the Hair Stylists and Massage Therapists - Anna, Sandra, Janie, and Robin as they work with their hands to bring refreshment over the bodies of the women they will be serving; ask for the spaces they are working in to be set apart as holy and protected and that their physical acts be seen as tangible love and worship.

Pray for the pedicure and prayer team - Karla, Barb, and Beth, as they love on the women through tangible acts of service, that each pair of feet they minister to will feel loved and beautiful. Pray for the conversations and prayer that take place in this room to be filled with the goodness of God, to be encouraging and for hope to be given where it is needed the most.

M - Pray that the time she has away from ministry and life to attend this Haven Retreat would be lifegiving and refreshing. As she comes to this place to be restored, pray that her heart would be softened towards the things God wants to speak to her, that her ears would be open to what He has to say, and her hands would be open to receive what He longs to give to her. Pray that she would find a deep sense of connection and know afresh how much God loves her and delights in her.

C - She is longing for deeper friendships with women who can relate to her lifestyle - working mom, engaged in missions and family focus. Pray that she would make connections at this retreat that would be lifelong friendships. Ask that she would be willing to be open and vulnerable as the Spirit leads, and trust Him to provide the friendships her heart is longing for. Pray that she would have encounters with Jesus during this time away from home that would shift her perspective and draw her into a deeper faith than she’s known.

J - As she and her husband approach retirement age, pray they would allow God to lead them and give them the wisdom they desire in transitioning well in both Thailand and the US. Ask for provision, guidance and peace as they look ahead to a different pace of life. Pray they would keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and trust Him to continue to use them in new areas of life.

T - Pray for her as she desires to be the wife and mother God has called her to be. Pray for her marriage, that she and her husband would not only work well together, but would learn a new rhythm of communication and intimacy; ask that they would show grace and kindness towards one another, and that there would be opportunities to relax, have fun and laugh together. Pray that God would give them wisdom as parents, as they raise their children in a different culture.

February 13:

The retreat starts today! Please keep in mind that Thailand is about 12 hours ahead of the US (give or take a few hours depending on the time zone), please pray that the women who are attending will feel welcomed and wanted the moment they set foot in the hotel and are greeted by the Azmera team. Pray for good rooming assignments where the women will connect with their roommate and feel as though they have met a long-lost friend. Pray for the initial session as the women get to know one another and share parts of the stories. Pray for the extended time of worship and prayer, that the Holy Spirit will move mightily in the lives and hearts of the women, that hearts will be softened and truth can be vocally spoken where it is needed to be heard.

K - Pray for their transition with organizations they’re with, as they move from one that left them feeling uncared for and unsupported that they would find community and support within the new organization. Ask for wisdom as they continue to walk the mission field, that they would be in a continual posture of seeking God and His will, and being obedient to what He calls them to. Pray they would find nourishment and refreshment for their hearts and souls.

K- Pray for a protection of light and power over her as she ministers to people of her own nationality, that she would walk in boldness in the Name of Jesus in places that may be hostile and unwelcoming. Ask that she would know the firm presence of the Lord as He goes before her and prepares a way for her voice to be heard as she speaks truth by the power of the cross. Ask that she would know joy and delight as she allows God to use her to plant seeds and spread Light and hope in places that are dark and hopeless.

V - As she is desiring to step into more ministerial roles, pray that she would have courage and clarity to use the gifts God has given her in new ways. Pray that she would know God has gone before her to clear the path, and will be with her every step of the way, especially the new and uncomfortable steps He may be asking her to take. Pray she would walk in boldness and faith as she chooses obedience.

C - Pray for a spirit of steadfastness as they work and come alongside others in their ministry and daily lives. Pray they would walk with grace and allow room for others to speak and try out new ways of ministry and doing things. Ask that they would be able to see how God is blessing the work of their hands as they are faithful to work and as they do remain steadfast.

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