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ECUADOR Haven Retreat :: A Volunteer's Story

Food. Language. Coffee.

When traveling in a foreign country, these are some of the obvious differences.

What is not so obvious are the subtle differences:

Relationship. Worship. Spiritual Battle.

As volunteers at Azmera’s Ecuador Haven Retreat, we came to serve the servants. We came to pour love and encouragement into women experiencing the crisis of civil unrest. We came to offer a safe haven of refreshment in the midst of discouragement and uncertainty.

What we found were women hungry and thirsty to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd. We found courageous women seeking to be reminded that they are not alone in the battle. We found weary women needing to know that they are seen, known, and loved by our Heavenly Father.

Azmera volunteers were privileged to be God’s hands in meeting these needs through solid Bible teaching, small group discussions, prayer, and counseling. The only One worthy of worship was lifted high – one of the most powerful expressions of worship was everyone singing the chorus of “How Great Thou Art” in at least 4 different heart languages. We showered the women with outward expressions of love such as massages and pedicures (and lots of chocolate), honoring them as daughters of the King.

The retreat attendees left feeling refreshed, reassured of God’s love for them, and encouraged that they are not alone.

The volunteers left blessed beyond measure, amazed at God’s faithfulness in this #GoStayGo adventure and his ability to move mountains to care for his daughters.

Praise God for his great love for his people, and continue to pray for the spread of the gospel of peace in Ecuador.

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