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ECUADOR Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Oct 19)

October 19:

Pray for the times of rest and community that are provided; pray for intentional conversations and moments of truth to be had. Pray for the mealtimes, that as the women gather to break bread with one another, that the presence of God will be felt at each table; the conversations will be fun and life-giving, but also deep and true.

Pray for the breakout sessions - that the women leading these will speak in confidence and truth. Pray for those who attend to soak up the Word of God, the words of encouragement and challenge, and the truth that is present. Pray they will be moved to put into action the things they are hearing and learning, that they will see the value in practices they haven’t tried before, or would like to bring back into their lives.

Pray for the women to meet with God in unexpected and beautiful ways. Ask that each woman will hear God speak to her specifically, in ways that she knows are just for her, as God loves on her and delights in who she is. Pray for joy to be placed in deep places in the hearts and minds of those at this retreat; for the joy and presence of God to become a strong foundation once again.

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