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A True Haven

Today is the first day of the Ecuador Haven Retreat!

With all the changes that happened going into the retreat - all the unrest in Ecuador that the attendees have gone through, the retreat canceled from the unrest, the peace agreement reached, the retreat back on, all the volunteers getting their flights rebooked - “haven” is what we all needed.

Our hotel is just that! And even down to little details. To begin with, it’s amazing that the hotel was a haven for others during the unrest even before we arrived.

Our speaker, Carey Holm, gave a little introduction to her sessions about finding and creating spaces where we can listen to our Good Shepherd’s voice. Our hotel is so beautiful with lots of little natural areas and quiet little corners to sit and be still.

In our meeting room with a painted sky ceiling, we have already had a haven of worship and a haven of prayer. We even had a haven for fun and laughter tonight.

God has already answered so many prayers for this Haven Retreat I just stand in awe and am expectantly waiting to see what else He has in store for us over the next couple of days!

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