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ECUADOR Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Oct 12)

October 12:

Pray for:

M: Please pray for her to step into God’s mercies daily, seeing His opening for the next steps according to HIS will. Her to know that God is eagerly waiting to meet with her each day, as she desires to continue to grow in Him. Pray that her eyes, ears, heart, mind, and spirit will be opened to see clearly how He is working in intricate ways all around her; how much He loves her and is calling her even deeper into a relationship with Him. Ask that she would know the truth that God will withhold no good thing from her, that His desire is to lavish her with love, and that it may not always look as she expects it to.

V: Her to recognize that God will provide all things in His perfect timing. Pray for family time to be given generously as the need arises; for her to know that God is never too early and will never be late. Ask that she be given wisdom in how she spends her time, that it is precious and must be treated accordingly. Ask that she continue to have a heart that is available for what God has for her, that she would trust Him to walk with her in areas where she has been hesitant and uncertain

L: Wisdom and discernment in interviewing girls who want to come to live in our home. For her to know God will supply all of her needs, in His time and through the power of His name. Pray against a spirit of fear and anxiety, and instead for her to walk in grace and confidence that God sees her and hears her and that His heart is to take care of her and be the only one who provides. Ask that they see God’s provision flow from heaven in abundance and in miraculous ways.

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