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ECUADOR Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Oct 9)

October 9:

Pray for:

J: For her to know with absolute certainty that her fertility situation is not hopeless as long as God is in it. Pray for her eyes to be opened to the goodness of God that is all around her, that she would be able to see with clarity the Truth of who God is to and for her. Ask that she see that there is water for her soul where she is, even if the parts of the big picture she sees seem dry and endless. Pray for God to show her without a doubt that He is bigger than the obstacles in front of her, and that He will always be the only Way that she needs.

S: Starting September I’m going to teach religious education classes at the German School in Quito. As she is involved in the preparation of materials, that God would protect the work that is being done and will be softening and preparing the hearts of those that will receive these materials. Pray for boldness and discernment, for a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading as she longs to see the kingdom of God here on earth with this huge opportunity to share the gospel in the school.

J: To find time and rest with God in this busy family life. Wisdom for the upbringing and education for the kids. Protection over her ministry and family. Ask for grace in this season, that the Lord would be her strength and shield, and she would know Him intimately as He walks through this time with her. Pray for an increase in fruit and evidence of God’s presence in her life, family, and ministry.

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