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ECUADOR Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Oct 8)

October 8:

Pray for:

T: She would depend more on Jesus, find rest in HIM in my daily life. Please pray for a good team-building and trust-building time with their new volunteers. God bless the desire of her heart to bless others in ministry through her leadership. Ask that she would look beyond what is in front of her and ask for wisdom in how she can partner with God with the gifts and talents He has given her, to come alongside others who work in ministry that looks different than hers. Ask that she be given an understanding of how God has uniquely gifted her to encourage and support those in her life.

K: Confirmation of her family’s calling. Healing and answers for some health issues. She needs renewed hope and faith after 12 years of sowing resulting in tiredness and exhaustion. Ask that God would speak to her during her retreat time concerning where and how He wants them to serve Him. Pray she would heed the voice of the Holy Spirit as He leads and guides her family in the path He has set before them. Ask for a holy protection against spiritual attacks in her heart and mind. Pray also that God would bring into her life someone who understands what she is struggling with, and who will speak truth and life to her.

L: Our daughter is starting a new school and she’s nervous. So, for wisdom to help her transition. God to make a way her daughter in this time. Pray for peace instead of confusion and doubt, hope instead of despair, and a deep sense of God’s leading where anxiety and worry may be taking up space. Ask that she would know confidence in the work of God’s hands and trust Him to provide for every need her daughter has– physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, all the desires of her hearts. Pray for a new direction and purpose as she seeks God’s will.

E: She has more responsibility in the next training cycle (Sept 5 through Nov 29th) Ask for her to recognize that God will provide all things in His perfect timing. Pray for her to know that God is never too early and will never be late. Ask that she be given wisdom in how she spends her time, that it is precious and must be treated accordingly. Ask that she continue to have a heart that is available for what God has for her, that she would trust Him to walk with her in areas where she has been hesitant and uncertain.

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