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ECUADOR Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Oct 7)

October 7:

Today we will begin praying for each woman who will attend the Haven Retreat.

Pray as the Holy Spirit leads.

S: Wisdom and energy to focus at this stage of life and ministry. Ask that she be moved in spirit to step back from difficult situations and people, where the demand for her is high, emotionally and physically. Pray for courage to care for herself, and to lay the demands on her in the ready hands of Jesus. Ask that she would realize God is always going to meet her right where she is, with gentleness and protection because His love for her is so great.

T: Praising God for His goodness and faithfulness. Pray for her to have total dependence and intimacy with Jesus as she juggles a full plate of ministry and raising four children in a new culture. That he would not only sustain her but also give her full joy every day, especially when she is tired.

A: After 3 years of cross-cultural ministry and many changes, she is feeling burnout. Please pray for perseverance, identity in Christ and healing of a battered heart. To know that she is deeply loved by God, that she is His beloved and no one compares to her in His eyes. Ask that her heart be softened where it has struggled to trust and believe that God loves her unconditionally and compassionately. Ask that she be given new confidence in who she is in Christ, and of who He is to her. Pray that she would begin to see herself as God does, without fault or blemish, but whole and wholly loved.

R: Her heart is heavy for the Quichua people to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Pray for her to be given a spirit of boldness and courage as she speaks, and as she serves those who are in need.

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