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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Apr 20)

April 20:

Pray for those who have been impacted by this retreat – those who work at the hotel and interacted with them women during the retreat; those who will see transformation and peace on the countenance’s of them women who walked away from the retreat knowing peace and freedom in areas they weren’t even aware; those who don’t yet know the things yet to come as God reveals Himself to them. Pray that each of these people will be intrigued by how big God is, by what He can do, by what He has done. Ask that curiosity and longing for Truth and righteousness be stirred deep within the hearts and minds of those mentioned above.

Pray for the women today, as they rest in the truth of redemption and salvation, as they sit in the silence of this Saturday and look on the cross with wonder, awe and humility. Pray for each woman to know that God is going before her, that He will always go before her and fight for her because of how precious she is to Him. Ask that they each be filled with a new and deeper understanding of God’s love, and His purpose for her as He calls her into His presence and reveals new characteristics to her. Pray that each woman will be given excitement for what God has done in and through her, and anticipation for what is yet to come as she chooses to walk with Him and trust Him with every part of her life.

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