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Indonesia Prayer Calendar: April 14 - 21

This is our final week of praying for the Indonesia Haven Retreat. We are so grateful for your continued prayers as the women return home and step back into the things they left behind for a short while. Please continue to pray as the Holy Spirit leads you. Thanks, friends!

April 14 –

Today is the final day of the Indonesia Haven Retreat; please pray for all of the women as they rest and hold fast to the things they learned, heard, were challenged and encouraged in and as they prepare to return home to families, ministries and the routines that were set aside for a few days. Ask that the truths they were reminded of and given will take root in their hearts and will bloom into fruit as they trust the things God spoke to them.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they rest as well from days of intense ministry and pouring out of the gifts God has equipped them with. Pray they will be given the space needed to rest their hearts and minds before jumping into debriefing and continuing wrapping up their time together.

April 15 –

Pray for the women who attended the retreat as they head home and arrive home – for the excitement in seeing family and friends and the joy and renewal they are bringing back with them. Pray for safe travels and protection over each journey. Ask that God will continue to protect each woman with the power of His Name as they walk back into what was left behind, that they will know strength and power in a new sense as they claim the power of the Holy Spirit with them.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they spend time together debriefing the retreat, as well as experiencing some fun and relaxation with one another. Pray for protection over their continued time together, as they share and encourage one another, as they listen to one another’s stories; ask that they will find space to release the burdens they may have taken on over the last few days, that they would trust God to hold the things they heard and saw in His capable hands. Pray for joy as they share what they saw God do.

April 16 -

Pray for those who will be receiving the women back home, that they would ask good questions about the retreat and would listen with attention and be present as the women share how she encountered God, the moments of worship and teaching, and the freedom and refreshment her Spirit is walking in anew. Pray for a continued spirit of encouragement and hope in the hearts of each one.

Pray for those who will be going back into stressful and dark situations and circumstances, that they will know the power of the light of Jesus that they carry with them and will be bold in calling on the Name of the Lord and proclaiming His kingdom come wherever they step foot. Pray the darkness will tremble in fear as the women rise up to speak truth and light and encouragement to those around them.

April 17 –

Pray for the Connection Crew as they begin the journey home, that God would cover them in protection and peace as they leave behind the work they were blessed to be a part of. Ask that they be given safe travels, smooth flights, good connections and quality rest on their way home. Pray they would continue to see God at work even as they travel.

Pray for the relationships that were built during this retreat – among the attendees as well as the Connection Crew, pray that there would be a continued spirit of encouragement and friendship, as the bonds of sisterhood in Christ are the foundation of the friendships begun. Ask that God would protect these friendships and use them in each woman’s life as the need arises.

April 18 - Pray for the women who attended the Retreat as they get back into the swing of things at home, for all of the things that will be demanding their time and attention – husbands, children, friends, jobs, ministries, housework; ask that God fill them with joy, purpose and focus as distractions will come, that He will continually draw their eyes back to His face. Pray against any spirit of discouragement or untruth, that they will remember the things that God spoke to them and will claim and hold tightly to the Truth and joy as each moment comes. Pray that each woman will make time to spend with her Father, to remain in His presence and know His delight in her.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they get home and jump back into the things they left behind. Ask that they be given the space and time to rest, and to share their experiences as they had at their own pace. Pray for protection over them as they continue to process the time they had in Indonesia, that God would bring words and moments to mind that may have escaped their attention before, things that He had in place specifically for each one as nuggets of love and reminders of who He is.

April 19 –

Pray for every woman who was involved in this retreat as she recalls the moments where she experienced God’s presence and His glory in ways she hadn’t known before. Ask that each woman be given a new perspective and understanding of how Jesus loves her, especially on this Good Friday. Pray that hearts will continue to be soft and vulnerable in God’s presence, and as she shares the wonder of how God uniquely met with her at the retreat. Pray for God’s glory to be seen far and wide as a result of the time the women had together, that the things He has done – and is doing – will be known for generations to come.

April 20 –

Pray for those who have been impacted by this retreat – those who work at the hotel and interacted with them women during the retreat; those who will see transformation and peace on the countenance’s of them women who walked away from the retreat knowing peace and freedom in areas they weren’t even aware; those who don’t yet know the things yet to come as God reveals Himself to them. Pray that each of these people will be intrigued by how big God is, by what He can do, by what He has done. Ask that curiosity and longing for Truth and righteousness be stirred deep within the hearts and minds of those mentioned above.

Pray for the women today, as they rest in the truth of redemption and salvation, as they sit in the silence of this Saturday and look on the cross with wonder, awe and humility. Pray for each woman to know that God is going before her, that He will always go before her and fight for her because of how precious she is to Him. Ask that they each be filled with a new and deeper understanding of God’s love, and His purpose for her as He calls her into His presence and reveals new characteristics to her. Pray that each woman will be given excitement for what God has done in and through her, and anticipation for what is yet to come as she chooses to walk with Him and trust Him with every part of her life.

April 21 – Bonus Day!

Happy Easter, Dear Friends! We want to thank you for your faithful prayers and partnership with us for and over this Haven Retreat. Your prayers are powerful and effective, and the ripple of your words before the throne of God echoes in heaven and earth, and darkness trembles at the power of Jesus’ Name on your lips. Our hope is that you encountered Jesus in beautiful and specific ways as you interceded on behalf of your sisters in Indonesia.

On this day, may you know the Power of the Gospel as it is seen and proclaimed in a defeated grave, as Jesus reigns victorious for you. May you rejoice in the life given to you by the brokenness of your Savior and know freedom as He who calls you sets you free. May you walk in hope and light eternal as you trust in the One whose Name is Hope, and who is the Light of the World. Lastly, May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. – Romans 15:13

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