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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Apr 11)

April 11:

The Retreat starts today! Pray for final preparations to be smooth and without hassle. Pray for the hotel staff as they’re about to be inundated by women who walk with God; pray for each person’s heart to be protected, as the work that God is doing through this retreat is going to go far beyond the women attending and serving. Pray for spaces that will be used, that God will flood each room and area the women will be in with light to overcome the darkness, and for the protection of the Holy Spirit to be evident to all who walk in those areas.

Pray for each woman as she enters the hotel and is greeted by the Azmera team, that she will feel welcomed, loved and wanted. Pray for connections to be made quickly, as each woman settles in and looks ahead to what the days to come have in store.

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