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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Apr 8)

April 8:

V: Pray for her as she travels and ministers in new settings and situations. Pray that she would allow God to use her as she surrenders herself to Him on a continual basis, trusting that He will use her as He has created her. Ask that she know joy in meeting new people, and in seeing how the work of God is everywhere she goes.

T: Ask that she know peace and calm in her heart, mind and spirit as she transitions and looks for God’s leading in a new stage of life. Pray that she would see the opportunities before her where she can use the gifts God has given her to encourage and come alongside others; pray she would also know that God has so much in store for her this season, and that in that knowledge she would walk forward with grace and anticipation for what is yet to come.

C: Pray for God to heal her completely of back pain, that whatever is not right in her body will be healed by Jehova Rapha, and that she will continue to pray with perseverance to the God who heals. Pray that she would know that God is tenderly holding her heart in His hands, as she longs for and waits for a baby, that her infertility is seen by and cared deeply for by God. Ask that she draw closer to God through the waiting and hoping and longing, and will allow Him to speak truth, hope and life to her. Pray that as she is in this season, she will choose to continually draw near to God and put her hope in Him alone.

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