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Indonesia Prayer Calendar: April 7-April 13

Welcome to Week Three of praying for our Indonesia Retreat! The retreat starts this week and we’d love to have you continue to join us in prayer over and for each woman who will be involved – whether attending or volunteering. Pray especially for the powers of darkness to be pushed back by the Light of Jesus, and for protection over this retreat in all areas and aspects, over every heart and mind that will be there. Thanks, Friends! We’re so grateful for you! 😊

April 7 –

Pray for the Connection Crew as they leave for/arrive in Indonesia. Pray for smooth travels and connections, rest on the planes, and a chance to begin getting to know one another as they travel. Ask that God would bind this team of women together in unity of heart and mind as they look ahead to serving together, and for sharing pieces of themselves with one another. Pray for peace over the entire group, and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as He calls them into areas they may not be entirely comfortable with. Ask that this team of women be filled with joy and laughter as they get to know one another and experience a new culture, country and retreat together.

S: Pray for her to know the deep, deep love God has for her, and for her alone. Pray that she would realize that God sees her and knows her and longs to be in even deeper, more intimate relationship with her. Ask that she knows there is no distance too great for God to cross, that He is beckoning her to move towards Him in trust. Pray for her to trust Him to be big enough and good enough to fulfill the desires of her heart.

H: Ask that she would know how much God delights in her bringing all of her concerns and desires before Him, that she would continue to be confident that God knows her and sees her and is for her. Pray that she would continue to trust Him as He leads with programs that are in the works, as well as people to step in and fill the gap for her and her husband as they prepare for a furlough year; pray they would leave with hopeful hearts for not only what God is going to do in their ministry while they are gone, but also in their hearts and lives as they reconnect with people at home. Pray also for her daughter as she transitions to University in the States, and as they all adjust to living apart from one another.

April 8 –

V: Pray for her as she travels and ministers in new settings and situations. Pray that she would allow God to use her as she surrenders herself to Him on a continual basis, trusting that He will use her as He has created her. Ask that she know joy in meeting new people, and in seeing how the work of God is everywhere she goes.

T: Ask that she know peace and calm in her heart, mind and spirit as she transitions and looks for God’s leading in a new stage of life. Pray that she would see the opportunities before her where she can use the gifts God has given her to encourage and come alongside others; pray she would also know that God has so much in store for her this season, and that in that knowledge she would walk forward with grace and anticipation for what is yet to come.

C: Pray for God to heal her completely of back pain, that whatever is not right in her body will be healed by Jehova Rapha, and that she will continue to pray with perseverance to the God who heals. Pray that she would know that God is tenderly holding her heart in His hands, as she longs for and waits for a baby, that her infertility is seen by and cared deeply for by God. Ask that she draw closer to God through the waiting and hoping and longing, and will allow Him to speak truth, hope and life to her. Pray that as she is in this season, she will choose to continually draw near to God and put her hope in Him alone.

April 9 –

Pray for the Connection Crew today, as they are feet on the ground, getting ready for the retreat, getting to know one another and preparing for what is yet to come. Pray for each woman on the Connection Crew as they prepare to lead their Connection Circle, that they as teams would be unified, humble and willing to step aside to what God has in store.

Pray for Becca as she prepares to speak at this retreat; pray she will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, and allow Him full freedom to use her as she surrenders her heart and agenda to Him. Pray for Joy and Patti as they lead the retreat in worship; ask that they as well be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and would be filled with joy as they usher the women into the presence of God through song and music.

Pray for the Pedicure team – Karla, Susan, Melanie and Britta, that they would bring any fear or discomfort in this act of service before Jesus and allow Him to use them to love on and minister those they will be serving. Ask that their hearts and minds be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit as He uses them.

Pray for the counseling team – Annette and Amy as they prepare to meet with the women who will sign up; pray they will trust God to put them with the right women, and to listen with compassion and speak with boldness. Pray for the spaces they meet in to be protected and sanctified by the power of the Name of Jesus.

Pray for those leading the Breakout Sessions and filling in the gaps – Crystal, Mechelle and Heidi, that they would trust God to bring to them the women He has set apart for those times; pray they would be filled with peace as they share their gifts and experiences and be filled with hope and excitement for what God is going to do and how He is going to use them.

April 10 –

Pray for the Connection Crew as they put the last details in place, as they finalize plans and places and continue to connect and grow as a team; ask that they would be given time to rest and prepare individually for the energy and givenness that will take place over the next few days.

Pray for Christina and Judy as they oversee this retreat, with the multitude of details and communications that will take place. Pray that their hearts would be softened towards the leading of the Holy Spirit, and they would be willing to set aside any agendas or plans that may be “interrupted” by God, that His will and glory would override all of our earthly plans

Pray for the women who will be attending, as they begin making their way to the hotel in Bali, they would be covered in protection and grace as they travel; that connections and travel would be smooth, and God would continue to clear the path of anything that may be thrown in the way to block any of the women from attending.

April 11 –

The Retreat starts today! Pray for final preparations to be smooth and without hassle. Pray for the hotel staff as they’re about to be inundated by women who walk with God; pray for each person’s heart to be protected, as the work that God is doing through this retreat is going to go far beyond the women attending and serving. Pray for spaces that will be used, that God will flood each room and area the women will be in with light to overcome the darkness, and for the protection of the Holy Spirit to be evident to all who walk in those areas.

Pray for each woman as she enters the hotel and is greeted by the Azmera team, that she will feel welcomed, loved and wanted. Pray for connections to be made quickly, as each woman settles in and looks ahead to what the days to come have in store.

April 12 –

Pray for the retreat as it gains traction and gets going full force, for the time the women will spend socializing and connecting during meal times, breaks, and free time. Pray for the time the women will spend in the morning session, connecting with God through worship and teaching; ask that the work He has been doing in each heart will begin sowing fruit. Pray that the time spent in the Connection Circles will be life giving, encouraging and safe.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they will be pretty constantly “on,” serving, meeting with, connecting, loving on and filling any gaps in need as they arise. Pray God will fill them with energy and focus as they give of themselves and trust God to use them as He has equipped and created them.

April 13 –

Pray for Day Three of the retreat, for the continued time spent in Connection Circles, in worship and teaching, and in spaces of rest and quiet. Ask for God to continue to be faithful in meeting each woman where she is at, that she would know on a deeper level than she’s known before how beloved and desired she is by God, that He longs for her to bring everything she’s carrying to Him, to trust Him to heal, to give renewal, to speak peace and life over her.

Pray for the Connection Crew as they interact with so many people on so many different levels; pray they will find time to sit still in the Father’s presence and let Him restore their energy, renew their mind, and focus their hearts on the things that are and the things still to be done. Ask that they have meaningful and significant interactions with not only the women who are attending, but also those who work at the hotel, and with the others on the Connection Crew.

Pray for an abundance of joy and laughter to fill each woman who is involved in this retreat, that there would be a hedge of protection over them as they watch God move in power and as they are filled to the fullness with the Spirit of God, with the light and hope and truth that He is.

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