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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Apr 7)

April 7:

Pray for the Connection Crew as they leave for/arrive in Indonesia. Pray for smooth travels and connections, rest on the planes, and a chance to begin getting to know one another as they travel. Ask that God would bind this team of women together in unity of heart and mind as they look ahead to serving together, and for sharing pieces of themselves with one another. Pray for peace over the entire group, and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as He calls them into areas they may not be entirely comfortable with. Ask that this team of women be filled with joy and laughter as they get to know one another and experience a new culture, country and retreat together.

S: Pray for her to know the deep, deep love God has for her, and for her alone. Pray that she would realize that God sees her and knows her and longs to be in even deeper, more intimate relationship with her. Ask that she knows there is no distance too great for God to cross, that He is beckoning her to move towards Him in trust. Pray for her to trust Him to be big enough and good enough to fulfill the desires of her heart.

H: Ask that she would know how much God delights in her bringing all of her concerns and desires before Him, that she would continue to be confident that God knows her and sees her and is for her. Pray that she would continue to trust Him as He leads with programs that are in the works, as well as people to step in and fill the gap for her and her husband as they prepare for a furlough year; pray they would leave with hopeful hearts for not only what God is going to do in their ministry while they are gone, but also in their hearts and lives as they reconnect with people at home. Pray also for her daughter as she transitions to University in the States, and as they all adjust to living apart from one another.

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