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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Apr 6)

April 6:

Pray for -

M: Pray that she would see the time she has each day/week to set aside and spend time with God, and that she would take advantage of those moments to find a quiet place to rest. Ask that the Word of God would come alive for her in ways that she hasn’t known before, and that it would etch itself in her heart and mind. Pray that she would continue to ask for wisdom and understanding.

L: Pray that she would jump on the opportunities she has to step away from the busyness of life and find quiet places to sit with her Savior, and there find rest for her soul. Ask that she would rely on God to be her strength, and give her the stamina and endurance she needs for every situation and relationship in her life; pray that she would be renewed and refreshed in heart and spirit at this Haven Retreat.

L: Pray that she would have the energy and focus needed to finish language school, and to finish well. Pray for her ears to be tuned to God’s voice alone, and to trust that she knows Him as He speaks and leads her; that she would trust the Spirit He has given her and not doubt as she makes decisions. Ask that she would know God loves her and is pleased with her, and delights when she listens and obeys, but even more so when she moves towards Him, regardless of how that looks to her.

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