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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Apr 4)

April 4:

Pray for -

M: Pray for her as she transitions to a new position – that she would be willing and excited to learn and would walk with humility and gentleness as she adjusts to a new ministry and job. Pray as well for her sister’s health, and for the relational health of her family; ask that God would move in power in her family’s hearts and move them closer to one another and closer in their walks with God.

S: Pray for her relationship with her husband, for her to know how to support and love her husband through a difficult season and the struggles of mental health that stress can bring. Pray for peace and understanding to be present in their marriage, and for her to know how to care for herself in a way that is healthy for both herself, her husband, and their ministry and other relationships. Ask for the covering of God’s protection as they walk through this season.

W: Ask that she continue to trust God and choose to walk with Him each day, as this past year has been challenging and circumstances have been difficult. Pray that God would reveal Himself to her in new and beautiful ways that she hasn’t yet known Him, that she would allow Him to refresh her spirit and restore what has been lost or laid aside. Pray for an increase in her desire to spend time with Him, and to know Him deeper, and as she does so that the fruit of her walk with Him will be abundant.

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