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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Apr 3)

April 3:

Pray for -

S: Pray for her mother, who lives alone, that she would be kept safe and well, and that God would provide for her needs – for companionship and social outlets, as well as her own walk with God. Ask that S would walk in freedom to continue to serve and minister where God has called her, and trust that God will be with her family even when she is not.

V: Ask that God would continue to give her wisdom, discernment and an increase in compassion as she works with those who have been freed from trafficking and exploitation. Pray that God would open doors for her to walk with these who have suffered much, that they would experience healing, grace and hope through her tender compassion and ministry to them. Pray that God would set an ever-present hedge of protection around her as she walks into dark places, that the light of Jesus would be stronger and would be the freedom that is longed for.

M: Pray that she would find time to be still and listen as she is asking God for clear direction and leading in what the next step is; ask that she be given the clear direction and open door she is asking for. Pray for smooth transitions and peace as she walks in faith towards where God is leading.

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