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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Apr 2)

April 2:

Pray for -

N: Pray that she would trust that God is still leading her every step, even when she can’t see what the next step is. Ask that she would be filled with joy as she walks with God, that the joy He gives her will overflow into all parts of her life, and in all the relationships she has. Pray that He would give her the hope she needs to keep taking the next step.

J: Pray for her to be encouraged when and where she needs it, that as it comes that she would not disregard it or turn it away but would allow her heart to soak in the words of truth, life and love that God is speaking through His word and through others to her. Ask that she would recognize the Holy Spirit as He ministers to her right where she is.

L: Pray that she would be emboldened to follow hard after Jesus at all times, even when the challenge is great and the road is long. Ask that God would continue to sustain her and give her what she needs before she is even aware that the need has risen. Pray she would be encouraged in her walk with God, that she would trust He is with her in all things at all times.

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