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INDONESIA Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 | Prayer Calendar (Apr 1)

April 1:

Pray for -

A: Pray that she would be healthy and well in all areas of her life, but specifically in her physical body. Pray that she would make wise decisions regarding her health and the health routines she chooses. Ask that God would heal all parts of her body that may not be working together, or that have become a cause for concern and anxiety. Pray that she would walk in the confidence and hope that God is the God who heals.

B: Pray for her as she looks for ways to increase the health in her body, to lower her sugar and cholesterol levels. Ask for someone to walk alongside her who can give her wise counsel regarding her health; pray she would choose the self-discipline to follow through with a healthier life-style. Ask that she know that her health is important to God, and that He is walking this road with her.

N: Pray that she would remember to look to God each day, to fix her eyes on Him as the things in life distract and pull her attention away from His face. Pray that she will trust that God is using her for His glory, that her walk with Him and how she chooses Him each day is a testimony to those around her, who know her and who are observing her walk with God.

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